Gimyujeong Rail Biking

So, your first question might be, “What is rail biking?”’

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Rail biking is a fun activity for you to do with your friends that is where you bike along a railroad track through the mountains and tunnels! Whether it is in the spring or winter, rail biking is great for you and your friends to do on a chill day. The rail biking location introduced here is the Gimyujeong Station Rail Biking Trail.

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I went in November and had a great day trip with my friends! The trees had changed colors on the mountains and the weather was absolutely fantastic. We reserved a bike for the 9am slot in the morning because we also wanted to stop by Nami Island on our way back for a fun filled day trip. We previously wrote an article about Nami Island here ( I liked it so much that I’m planning on going back to see the flowers that have bloomed!

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When you arrive at the station, you should walk towards the rail bike platform and get your reserved tickets at the booth, and wait for the instructor to gather all of the participants. They will make an announcement on intercoms to let you know that they are about to leave. The staff will then go through how to work the machine, where the brakes are, and will remind you to keep a certain distance from the bike in front of you to prevent any crashes.
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Then you’re off to enjoy the great company of your friends, go through cool tunnels, and see the wonderful view! What I liked most about the trail where the multiple tunnel. The tunnels had different kind of music and lighting that would have been wonderful to take some videos.

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In the middle of the course, there will be a short rest stop. Here, you can grab some food from the little food stand that offers drinks, food, and even beer! The prices are a bit overpriced, so I suggest that you pack some snacks beforehand! They also have outdoor tables that are available for you to rest your legs!

The whole trail took about an hour. When you finish the trail, there is a free shuttle bus that will take you back to Gimyujeong Station.

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Bikes are available either a bike for two, or a bike for four. A bike for two costs 25,000 won and a bike for four costs 35,000 won. There are five time slots in a day that you can ride the bikes and are available every day during the week. The time slots are at 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm, and 5pm. You must reserve tickets at least two days before you want to go, so make sure to get tickets in advance! To reserve tickets, either call their telephone number at 033-245-1000 or head to their website: Sadly, the website is only in Korean so ask your friendly Korean neighbor or your kind mentor to help you out!

To get to the Gimyujeong Station (김유정역), take the Jungang Line (중앙선), then transfer to the Kyungchun line (경춘선) all the way. From Wangsimri Station(왕십리역) to Gimyujeong Station, it takes approximately 1 hour and 50 minutes.

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Article by Wonmi from the U.S.A.

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