How much can you enjoy ‘Spring’?

Alice Every year, when spring starts to appear all around, everyone in Korea anticipates seeing the beautiful flowers along the street. One of the most beautiful flowers that bloom in April should be Cherry Blossoms. Actually, the most famous place to see the cherry blossom is supposed to be Japan, which is near South Korea. […]

Spend a Day in Jinhae, in Korea’s Largest Cherry Blossoms Festival

When you see pale freckle, pink petals fall on the ground, it means that spring is here; cherry blossom is the symbolic flower of spring, representing a time of renewal, and the fleeting nature of life. Its life is very short; their beauty peaks for around two weeks, and then the blossoms start to fall. […]

Viewing Cherry Blossoms in Seoul

The month of April brings many things, like spring showers and midterm season, but it also brings a beautiful period of cherry blossoms! Apart from going to the major attractions such as Yeouido and Jinhae, there are also many other places to go check out the flowers! Here are a few places that are easy […]