Bakeries around Hanyang

While there are many things I miss about home like my bed or my dog, the one thing I miss most is bread.  I miss having sandwiches for lunch, peanut butter toast, and late night grilled cheeses. Many western countries eat A LOT of bread, so coming to Korea, the lack of bread, and the substitution of rice into your diet can be a big change. Luckily there are a few bakeries around Hanyang to get your carb fix if you find yourself missing bread too much.


  1. The bakery close to On-Campus housing and Eaton House

I could not tell you what this bakery is called, but this is the bakery that I visit most often. It is a 20150413_090344quick two-minute walk from International House on campus, and even closer for those students living in Eaton House. This is a very small bakery; you can almost touch both walls if you put both your arms out. It offers white bread and buns, muffins, dessert pastries, and some savoury breads. What I like about this bakery besides its location is its prices. Everything in this bakery is very cheap.  A pack of two muffins is only 1,500 KRW.  It also is always open, whether you’re walking to Wangsimni in the early morning or coming home after a late night out, the door is always open and you can see the Korean couple that runs the shop baking inside. My favourite item to buy here is the pizza bread. It is a huge flat bread with tomato sauce, cheese, and spices on top, and ham cooked into the bread.  It is priced at 3,500 KRW, which most likely makes it the most expensive item in the shop.

Directions: When walking from Wangsimni to on-campus housing, it is right before the turn towards Eaton on the left hand side of the street, just after Café Beirut and before Uyuni Café.


  1. Milk and Honey

This bakery is located in emart and is similar (but better) to Paris Baguette. This bakery is good for those looking for a wider array of breads; many bakeries in Seoul only carry white bread, where as Milk and Honey offers seven-grain bread, sugar free bread, and dark baguettes. For those of you who are missing bagels, this is the place to go! After you pick out your bagels, head over to the dairy section and buy cream cheese, or over to the cereal isle to buy peanut butter! Milk and Honey is a little bit more pricey than the random bakeries you will find in the streets of Seoul, but similarly priced to Paris Baguette or Tous les Jour.


20150413_101534 20150413_101553

Directions: 1st floor of emart in Wangsimni station. When you walk into emart turn left and walk to the far back left corner near the yogurt and milk.


  1. Pain de Mie20150413_091527

This bakery is located close to exit 6 of Wangsimni station, it is similar to the first bakery I mentioned, but slightly larger. While I have not yet tried this bakery I have heard from many of the exchange students that is good and also quite cheap. This bakery is only open from 1pm to 9pm, so if you’re looking for breakfast you will be disappointed. However, I would suggest Pain de Mie for students living in off-campus housing close to Wangsimni.

Directions: When walking out of Wangsimni Station exit 6 walk straight for about 2 min. At the corner before you get to the main road with the Daiso you will see the bakery on your left, if you turned right you would be walking towards Street Churro.


Article by Lindsay from Canada

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