Places to Eat in Wangsimni (part 1)

YookSam Naengmyun (육쌈냉면)

cold noodles 1

A popular spot amongst students, this cold noodle restaurant received its high praise more for their delicious meat! Char grilling their meat, this place gives you a side of it with each noodle dish you get.

cold noodles 2

The menu is very small and has a list of only 3 main dishes: cold soup noodles, cold noodles with red pepper paste, or bibimbap. The price is also extremely friendly, only around 6,000 won, and extra meat for 3,000 won. They also serve dumplings, but I wouldn’t even go for those since the main dishes are exceptionally delicious.

cold noodles 3

I suggest trying all three of their main dishes; each has their own charm. However, I can confidently say that the bibimbap is my favorite. Located right outside exit 6 of Wangsimni Station, this place is open both for lunch and dinner.

cold noodles 4


ChungChun ChoBap (Youth Sushi) (청춘초밥)

If you’re craving some delicious fish, then Youth Sushi is definitely your next stop. With a petit but cozy interior, this restaurant brags the best sushi for your buck near Hanyang University. Prices ranging from 7,000 won to 15,000 won for the main dishes, their sushi sets are, of course, the most popular.

They have an “everything sampler” set for only 10,000 which has 12 pieces of sushi that seems to be the most popular. Not only do they have sushi, but also udon, California rolls, bibimbap, and more. My personal favorite is their salmon special with 12 pieces of delicious, rich, salmon-y goodness.

This place is also open for lunch and dinner. Another great option that Youth Sushi offers are couple sets and triple sets that gives you a free pizza with your sushi. So if you want to go on a date or with a few friends, this would be a great option to get more bang for your buck. Located across the Jongro Pharmacy, in the alleyway with the GS25, I have been here for both lunch and dinner and have enjoyed both experiences!

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La Lieto (라리에또)

pasta 1

If you’re looking for some pasta and pizza, then La Lieto is the place for you! Located near the Hanyang University Hospital, La Lieto is a small but quaint location that I personally adore to go for lunch when I’m feeling a bit fancy.

pasta 5 pasta 6

La Lieto has specials during lunch that I like to go to. It includes bruschetta, a salad, either a pasta or pizza, dessert, and coffee or soda for a reasonable price!

The dinner menu is a bit pricier, and but they have a variety of great couple sets that is perfect for a date. Here are some pictures of their menu and dishes.

pasta 2

pasta 3La Lieto is located right next to the GS25 near Roseville/Smartville. It’s on the main street, so you cannot miss it.


Article by Wonmi from the U.S.A.

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