An Urban Seaside Adventure to South Korea’s Second Largest City: Busan

Busan, officially known as Busan Metropolitan City (부산광역시), is South Korea’s second most populous city after Seoul (서울). Busan is a port city known for its beaches and mountains as well as its seafood and markets. One of the best times to go visit would be around Springtime between April and May, when the weather […]

Korea in Three Days (Part 2): Gwangju to Busan

After enjoying one day in Boseong (보성), my friend and I traveled back to Gwangju (광주) by train where we spent the night at an Airbnb. The same train that took us from Gwnagjusongjeong (광주송정) also has a stop at Gwangju, but it is after Gwnangjusongjeong so take care to stop at the right station! […]

Busan Secret Mountain

Busan is a wonderful and magnificent city with lots to do and even more to see. Although it is well known for its beaches and famous fish foods we decided to dodge the touristy spots and seek refuge on Geumjeong Mountain (금정산). This mountain is one of the most expansive mountains that I have ever […]

A Weekend in Busan and Jinhae

Busan is a wonderful weekend trip that offers a different type of city than Seoul and beautiful beaches! It is a 5 hour bus ride away so it is wise to plan to spend a whole weekend, if not more, there. Also, depending on what you want to do, doing research ahead of time is […]

Busan Gamcheon Culture Village

Also known as the Painted Village, this is one of the highlights of my Busan trip, and I would definitely recommend this for everyone who plans on going to Busan. In 2009, the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism created this Busan project to help improve the area by hiring artists to paint murals and […]

The Colours of Busan

Photos by Mirela from Bulgaria

My Short Trip to Busan

I went on a short trip to Busan last weekend! Since it was only a one-day trip, I didn’t get a chance to visit many places.   How to get to Busan? Take the KTX (High speed rail system)! The Korean government offers a discount ticket (called the KR pass) for foreigners. It’s much cheaper […]