My Trip to Jeonju (part 2)

Hey, I am back with part 2 of my day trip to Jeonju (전주), this time with various types of food in Jeonju. In fact, Jeonju is known for its delicacies and spectacular cuisines, which is one of the prime reasons why Koreans visit Jeonju year round! Think about it, just to eat! Jeonju is in Jeolla-do (전라도), and this region has been known ever since the Chosun Dynastry (조선왕조) for Korean traditional food. So, allow me to inform you of some popular Korean food.

Bibimbap (비빔밥)

Many foreigners tend to mention Kimchi, Bulgogi, and Bibimbap when they are asked of Korean food. In fact, Bibimbap is one of Jeonju’s representative food, ‘Jeonju Bibimbap’ (전주비빔밥) is considered the greatest by native Koreans. Unlike most Bibimbap in Seoul, Yukhoe (육회; Korean-style seasoned raw beef) and egg yolks are included in the toppings of Bibimbap. As the word ‘Bibim’ means ‘mixing’ in Korean, you mix all the vegetables, beef, red pepper paste, and rice together to enjoy your delicious Bibimbap.


Jeonju Bibimbap


Kongnamul Gookbap (콩마물국밥; Bean Sprout and Rice Soup)

Although I didn’t have a chance to eat this delicacy in my latest trip to Jeonju, many friends of mine recommended Kongnamul Gookbap when they heard that I would visit Jeonju. You maybe be quite unfamiliar with Kongnamul Gookbap (Bean Sprout and Rice Soup), but it is literally ‘hot soup with bean sprout and rice’. When you order Kongnamul Gookbap in a restaurant, a cup of a drink named ‘Moju (모주)’ is served together. Moju is unique Makgeolli (모주) in Jeonju, and many people say that it is sweet and nutty (=really delicious). I will definitely taste it when I have an opportunity to go to Jeonju again.






Korean Table d’hote in Jeonju

If you are confused with the endless variety of food in Jeonju and cannot choose what to eat, visit a restaurant that serves Korean Table d’hote. You can try many kinds of Korean food like stir-fried spicy pork, bulgogi, beef and rice soup, and Jeonju-style side dishes. My friends and I ordered ‘Beef and rice soup’ and ‘stir-fried spicy pork with vegetables’ and they were amazing.


Korean Table d’hote


Awesome Snacks

You have no time to be hungry in Jeonju. After your meals, a variety of unique snacks awaits you. Right next to the Jeondong Catholic Church (정동성당), the food alley is full of stores and vendors selling snacks. Actually, Jeonju has become popular recently again thanks to the pictures of these snacks that were shared on Facebook. I think these snacks may easily suit foreigners’ taste. Chocolate pies in Pungneoyn Bakery (풍년제과), Cream Cheese Ho-ttuk (호떡), Churros, Dawoorang Shrimp Dumplings, and Moju Ice cream are popular.





Article by Wonji from Korea


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