Recommendations at Korean Desert café ‘Sul-Bing’

Gayoung Hong (Alice)

          Wangsimni is one of the hottest places for Hanyang university students to eat their meals. There are many restaurants to enjoy various types of food, from fast foods like ddeokbokki and burgers to Korean bbq and chicken. Not only are there a variety of restaurants, there are many cafés where students can study or hangout, all while enjoy dessert. There is this ‘Korean’ desert café called ‘Sul-Bing’ at Wangsimni. (It is closer to Hanyang University station than Wangsimni station, though.) Here, there are many types of ‘Bing Su,’ which is a Korean desert made of ice flakes with syrup. It is a very popular summertime dessert and can even defeat the “sundaes” of western cultures. However, sulbing is a 4 season dessert café and even has winter seasonal menus, so keep a lookout for their menus. Today, I would like to recommend four menus from ‘Sul-Bing.’


-Injeolmi Sul-bing (7,000won)

홍가영 6-1

^Photo from Sul-bing official website

Mostly, Korean desert ‘Bing Su’ contains red bean paste that tastes sweet and savory. However, many people tend to dislike red bean paste, so some people even try avoiding eating ‘Bing Su’ because of the red bean paste. As a change, ‘Sul-bing’ decides to remove red bean paste from ‘Bing Su’ and makes ‘Injeolmi Sul-bing.’ This menu is one of the most popular menus from here. It contains Injeolmi, which is Korean traditional rice cake made out of glutinous rice and coated with bean flour. The taste is nutty and sweet.

-Candy Cotton Sul-bing (9,900won)

홍가영 6-2

^Photo from Sul-bing official website

This desert would be a good choice for you if you like both ice-cream and cheese. On the bottom, it is filled with strawberry flavored ice-cream, ice flakes, and Philadelphia cheese cake. On the top is covered with mini melts beaded ice-cream, similar to dippin dots in America. The collaboration of these things is wonderful. You should try eating this one! But, remember that this is a ‘winter-only’ menu, so you should visit Sul-bing when it is winter if you want to try this menu.

-Strawberry Deep Chocolate Tiramisu Sul-bing (13,500won)

홍가영 6-3

^Photo from Sul-bing official website

This menu is for those who like ‘deep’ sweet taste. On the bottom, it is filled with ice flakes and chocolate. On the top, it is covered with strawberry, whipped cream and chocolate tiramisu cake. The point of this desert is the chocolate tiramisu cake. The syrup is very sweet, and I would like to describe the taste ‘deep sweet taste.’ Since it is very sweet, I don’t recommend this to those who does not like sweet food.

-Injeolmi Toast (4,500won)

홍가영 6-4

^Photo from Sul-bing official website

Sul-bing not only sells Bing-su, but also sells other deserts, too. One of the representative and tasty menu other than Bing-su is ‘Injeolmi Toast.’ This is made of two slices of bread. Between two slices there is injeolm and on the top is injeolmi powder, almonds, and honey. Many people like the taste, and I prefer you to enjoy this with one of the ‘Bing-Su.’ It tastes similar to the Injeolmi Sul-bing, in case you couldn’t guess from the name, so I would recommend getting a different flavored bingsoo with this. Maybe a fruitier flavor binsoo!

These are the three types of desert that I would like to recommend to you guys from Sul-bing, Korean desert café. How about taking your friends after dinner to Sul-bing and enjoy this wonderful desert?

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