Busan Secret Mountain

Busan is a wonderful and magnificent city with lots to do and even more to see. Although it is well known for its beaches and famous fish foods we decided to dodge the touristy spots and seek refuge on Geumjeong Mountain (금정산). This mountain is one of the most expansive mountains that I have ever been on. It seemed it would take at least an entire day to see and do everything on the mountain. We used our time as wisely as we could and sought out one of the most impressive temples I have seen in Korea so far.


We began our adventure by heading Oncheonjang station (온천장역) on the orange line (Line number 1) in Busan and heading out exit 1. Then we followed signs for Geumjeong Park (금정공원). It was pretty easy to follow the signs since they are everywhere. Once in the park we headed straight and followed signs to the cable car. The cable car cost 5000 won but was definitely worth it. If you were to hike up the mountain it would be exhausting and even when you’re up in the mountain it is so wide you might get too tired to finish the hike. Once in the mountain we decided to seek out Seokbulsa temple (석불사). Although we decided to find this specific temple there are many other places to explore so once on the mountain grab a map and see what you want to see. On the mountain there is many temples, a fortress, and a variety of peaks you can climb too so be sure to keep your mind open to all the possibilities.

If you decide to head to Seokbulsa temple once on the mountain begin following signs to Namun Village/South Gate. Once you come to a fence with this on it (see picture below). Keep left and keep heading downhill. It will take you about 12 min before you see a sign for Seokbulsa. Follow the arrow to the right and keep on this path till you run into a road. Once you are at the road follow it upwards all the way up to the temple. This part of the hike is a little bit exhausting but once you reach the top it is definitely worth it.

fence posting

Busan is packed with outrageous and exciting things to do but be sure to check out this mountain next time you visit Busan. It is one of the most unique and diverse mountains I have been on in Korea and is something you won’t want to miss.

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Article by Vincent from the U.S.A.

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