Hidden Hikes in Seoul

Seoul is full of beautiful mountains to hike but if you’re looking for something a little less popular and not as hard as the famous Bukansan check out some of these spots.

2015-03-12 14.42.33

The first hike is to Mt. Yongmasan (용마산). This hike is about a 2 hour hike down and back and offers an amazing view of Seoul from various lookout points. It is also connected to Yongmasan’s Waterfall Park which is known for having the largest man made waterfall in Asia. I suggest starting at the park and making your way up the mountain from there. It will help you to find the mountain easier and get a chance to see the 52 meter high waterfall.

2015-03-12 13.50.23

View from Yongmasan


Directions to Yongmasan

  • Take subway line 7 to Yongmasan station (용마산역) and walk straight out exit 2
  • Follow the street signs to Yongmasan Waterfall Park (용마폭포공원)
  • Walk into the park and check out the waterfall and other facilities
  • Then walk towards the playground which is to the east side of the park
  • Take the path that is behind the playground and begin your hike
Map yongmasan

Map of Yongmasan



The second hidden hike is to Mt. Umyeonsan (우면산). It is about a 2 hour hike down and back but also has a temple and a spring that can add about 1 hour to your hike depending on whether or not you check it out. It is also really easy to navigate around the mountain because the abundance of signs on the hiking trail. This is hike will give you a great view of Seoul and has a map at the top that helps you pinpoint lots of famous spots in Seoul. At the bottom of the mountain there is the Seoul Art Center (예술의 전당). This is a nice spot to relax after the hike and to see some performances or check out some art.

2015-03-15 15.48.13

View from Umyeonsan


Directions to Umyeonsan

  • Take subway line 3 to Nambu Express Bus Terminal (남부터미널역) and walk straight out exit 5
  • Walk along the street until you see signs for Seoul Art Center
  • Follow the signs to Seoul Art Center then walk into the outside area of the art center
  • Go to the back of the outside area and you will find different paths
  • Take one of the paths and begin your hike
map of seoul art center 2

Map of Seoul Art Center and Umyeonsan



The last hike is to Eungbongsan (응봉산) located just near Hanyang University. This hike is about 30 minute hike to the top and overlooks the Hangang River. It is a very easy hike and has an excellent view of Seoul. I suggest doing this hike for sunrise because it offers a wide viewing point of the city and is easy to climb early in the morning. It is also known for having a great view of the sunrise. If you are also looking for a nice place to work out Eungbonsan also has lots of exercise machines and other types of training obstacles.


View from Eungbongsan


Directions to Eungbongsan

  • Take the KTX line to Eungbong
  • Walk left out exit 1 and walk straight
  • The mountain will be on right after about 10 minute walk
  • Take the path up the mountain and begin your hike

Map of Eungbongsan



Article by Vincent from the USA

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