Stations to Travel Outside of Seoul



The 1330 Travel Hotline (+82-2-1330) is available in Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese for you to ask all of your traveling questions about how to get to your location, how to get to book your train/bus ticket, and much more. If you have a phone, make sure to call and ask all of your questions!

For most of these stations, it will be best to go directly and book your ticket. You can go ahead of time to make sure you have a bus ticket before your departure, but for the most part, even if you go on the day of, you will find a ticket.


Seoul Station.

Seoul Station (서울역)


Korail has a very extensive and well-organized railway system that will allow you to book a train ticket from Seoul to most large tourist cities in Korea. Seoul Station is located on the Subway Line 1 and Line 4 and has many train lines traveling away from it; the Gyeongbu line (from Seoul to Busan), the KTX, the Saemaul train, Mugunghwa Train, Nooriro train, and the Airpot Express. Seoul Station is a hustling and bustling center that also has a Lotte Mart Discount Store and a Galleria Depertment store nearby that will allow you to do some shopping also. The Tourist Information Center is open from 5:00 to 23:30. Luckily, the Korail website can be found in English, so you can book your bus tickets ahead of time.

seoul station

Seoul Station

seoul station inside

Seoul Station



Express Bus Terminal Station (고속버스터미널)

Accessible by three different subway lines (#3, #7, and #9), the Express Bus Terminal Station is another station that allows travelers to easily find a bus to cities all over Korea. The Central City Terminal is found here, and allows travels to travel to cities all over Seoul.

To check bus schedules in English, visit here

express bus terminal

Express Bus Terminal Station



Gangbyeon Station – Dong-Seoul Bus Terminal (동서울시외버스터미널)

Gangbyeon Station is located on the green Line 2 and is where the Dong Seoul Bus Terminal is located. At the Dong Seoul Bus Terminal, you can book an intercity bus or a bus to outside of Seoul. The Gyeongbu Line travels to Daejeon, Daegu, Busan, Masan, Changwon, and Jinju. Yeongnam and Honam Line travels to Gwangju, Jeonju, Jeongeup, and Gwangyang. Tickets range from 17,000 to 35,000 Korean won depending on the different buses and ranks.

Intercity Bus (Korean only)

Gyeongbu Line (Korean and English)

Yeongnam Honam Line (Korean only)

gangbyun station

Dong-Seoul Bus Terminal



Article by Wonmi from the USA

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