Timetable Apps for University Students in Korea

Unlike middle school or high school, university or college students have to make out a schedule every semester by own. Each class has different starting time, and the classroom is also different, so in the beginning of the school term, a lot of people are confused. Especially for foreign students, it might be more confusing. But if you have a timetable application, you can easily organize your schedule for school life. So today, I am going to tell you about some timetable applications which are usually used in Korea.


In Korea ‘Everytime’ is the most popular timetable application. So why is ‘Everytime’  so popular in Korea? With this application, you can organize your schedule really easy regarding your major and the semester in whole. After you choose your school, Everytime gives you the list of all the classes that exist in your school, and you can just pick up from the list that you listen. When you pick up the classes from the list, it is automatically filled at your timetable so that you can look at it at a glance. Also you can look at the lecture evaluations which is made by other students who have listened that classes. This helps a lot for choosing classes before you apply to the classes. You can find some classes which you think that fit to you. After you made your timetable, you can share your one with your friends by Kakaotalk, which is the most popular messenger application in Korea. And it also provides PC version, so you can check your schedule through your PC. Everytime offers 382 Korean schools’ timetable, and when you set your school at this application, you can talk with other students who study at same school anonymously. You can share your information with them and you also get some information from them. This application is available both iPhones and Android phones.


The next timetable application which I want to tell you is ‘Class Up’. When you log-in this application for the first time, you can set up your school and then you can check all the classes which are opened in that semester. You can just search the classes that you try to listen. When you click ‘Add’ button after you search, it makes your timetable automatically. This application also offers sharing lecture notes function which you can share your lecture notes with other students. Not only that, the professor also can inform to students who listen his or her class. You can also put your other schedule or notes which you want to write down. This can be one of the useful applications for your campus life. This application is available both iPhones and Android phones.


If you want something simple and easy timetable application, ‘Time Spread’ will be a good choice. This does not offer automatic timetable setting, but you can write down the class name, room number, and time by yourself. This offers simple widget so it looks really clean. Unlike other applications, you can set by one minute and it also offers you all-night schedule, so that you can make up successive timetable in special days, like during the examination period. This application is also available both iPhones and Android phones.


Source:  https://www.kbrockstar.com/archives/125239


A lot of foreign students might have hard time to set their own timetable. Some students write down their schedule on their notes, and other students just check what he or she should listen after the class every time. But if you get one of the timetable applications, you will have better campus life and I guarantee that. If you use an Android phone, you can use widgets which offers from the application so that you can look at your schedule easily on the home menu. I hope that you will have a good campus life with one of those timetable application during the student life.


Article by Junhyung from Korea, a Freshman in Business Administration

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