Bukhansan National Park

Hello dear readers. Today’s post might appeal and is dedicated to mountain hiking enthusiasts and nature lovers.

If you are seeking escape from busy Seoul, you enjoy sports activities or simply want to spend a day in the mountains then you should follow this post.


Bukhansan National Park(북한산국립공원) is a mountain situated in the northern peripheries of Seoul. Its name literally means “mountains north of the Han River”. With its 836 meter above the sea level it is visible from most districts within Seoul. It is a popular place among tourists and mainly natives. It covers a vast space of 79km², being home to forested areas, temples, and granite peaks. Keep in mind that due to its popularity some trails are closed on a rotation basis to protect the local environment. But this can be easily checked online. Aside from a variety of hiking trails for every skill level, you will also see lots of flora and fauna, temples, and ancient fortresses. I recommend you go there in early autumn to enjoy colorful and beautiful landscape.


I climbed to BaegUnDae (백운대)(the highest peak) on an autumn day and it was by hands down, the highlight of my trip to Bukhansan. The views are absolutely spectacular and the climb is incredibly rewarding, although the way to the top is quite steep and rocky. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes, hiking boots are the best and everyone else you will see there will be wearing them. As I had not packed my hiking boots before coming to Seoul I found it a bit slippery at times, wearing my trainers. I never imagined I would be climbing a peak during my semester here.

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  • When to go: Avoid weekends preferably! It gets heavily congested near the peak. I am telling this from first-hand experience.
  • How to get there: There are a few ways but the one I went on was subway line number 3 to GuPaBal Station (구파발역) and took exit 1. On the same side of the road there will be a bus stop with three bus lines (routes) operating to the park and back. There is also a small tourist kiosk and the person there could give you instructions in English. There is no way you’d miss it as there are plenty of other people going the same direction(They are easily recognizable, being all dressed up from toe to head, ready for hiking).Another one would be taking the train to SuYu Station (수유역) on line number 4. Exit the station via exit 3, then cross the road to catch bus #120 to DoSunSa Temple (도선사). It’s the final destination. There are two or so other alternative buses but #120 is the most direct and quickest one. You will find yourself at the foot of BukHanSan, once you get off.
  • Make sure: You have comfy shoes and cycling gloves, which might come handy once climbing up as there are some metal ropes on the way up, put to help you through difficult zones.
  • Additional tip: Take some packed lunch and water. It is a long way to the top so you might get hungry and stop for a rest, enjoying the beautiful views.


Article by Jani from Bulgaria

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