The Korean Series

Do you know about the Korean series? The Korean Series marks the end of the Korean Pro-Baseball season. As baseball is one of the most popular sports in Korea, the Korean series receives vast attention from fans, citizens, and the media.


The Series happens after the “Pennnant Race” or the main season of the baseball league in which the four highest ranked teams then go on to the post season games. The post season games are semi-playoff, playoff, and then the Korean series. The fisrt place team goes straight to the Korean series and the second place team straight to the playoffs, and lastly the third and fourth placed teams competing starting from the semi-playoffs. The semi-playoffs and playoffs are both played out as the best of a five game series while the Korean series are a best of a seven game series. The place in the pennant race is crucial because of the number of games the team has to play. Statistically the top seed team in the pennant race has a winning-rate of over 80%. Only two times has there been a team winning the Korean series from the semi-playoffs.


This year the post season teams in which the fourth seed was taken by LG Twins, the third by NC Dinos, second seed by Nexen Heroes and lastly the first seed by Samsung Lions. LG Twins have their home ground as Jamsil Baseball Stadium and is Seoul’s favorite team. LG Twins had the longest record of not being able to go to the post season playoffs. The Twins going to the post season two years in a row gave the team fans hope. Also with the new team NC Dinos (formed in 2013) have made it to the post season in just one year and Samsung aiming to create a new record of wining the Korean series four times in a row raised interest to the post season games.

The semi playoffs LG vs NC ended with LG winning and the next series which LG and Nexen competed for the Korean series, Nexen won the series. Samsung will face Nexen in the 2014 Korean Series. You will be able to see the introduction of the 2014 series through the link below.

The first four games have already taken place with the series tied at two each. The first game, in which Nexen won by 4:2, marked Nexen Heroes’ first ever win in the Korean series.

6 5 3



Article by Yoon from Korea

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