Goryeosan: The Pink Mountain

Since it is springtime this week I decided to go to Pink Mountain. This mountain is very unique and is not very well known by many foreigners. The mountain is known for having some of the prettiest azalea flowers in all of Asia. It is also by the border of South Korea so you can […]

Bukhansan National Park

Hello dear readers. Today’s post might appeal and is dedicated to mountain hiking enthusiasts and nature lovers. If you are seeking escape from busy Seoul, you enjoy sports activities or simply want to spend a day in the mountains then you should follow this post. Bukhansan National Park(북한산국립공원) is a mountain situated in the northern […]

Seoraksan Hiking Trip

Personally, I do not like hiking. However, after seeing some glamorous images of stunningly beautiful mountains in South Korea, I didn’t want to regret not going on hiking trips in Korea during my four month stay in Korea. Therefore, my friends and I decided to go to a hiking trip, which was organized by the Myanmar […]