Did You Already Know…Culture-Edition

Did you already know that…

1. … the Korean language is spoken by over 78 million people worldwide?

2. … Taekwondo is South Korea’s national sport? Among Korean kids, Taekwondo is as popular as soccer and baseball.

3. … in South Korea, you are considered a year old when you are born (instead of zero as in most other cultures)?

4. … and, after the New Year has passed, everyone in Korea automatically turns one year older?

5. … the number “4” is considered unlucky and is associated with death? This is also the reason why most buildings do not have a 4th floor.

6. … many Koreans believe that a person’s personality, temperament and compatibility with others can be determined by their blood type (“blood type personality theory”)?

7. … Koreans avoid writing a living person’s name in red ink as it is associated with death and may be considered a death threat or bad luck? This superstition is based on the custom of using red when recording a person’s death in the family register.

8. … Koreans believe that leaving an electric fan on overnight would kill the person sleeping nearby (the “fan death concept”)?

9. … Koreans love sweet potatoes? You can find a wide range of dishes flavored with sweet potato, such as sweet potato cake, chips, bread, latte, salad, or even pizza.

10. … in South Korea, there are over 60 newspapers with daily editions in print?

Sources: wikipedia.com, listverse.com, cnn.com

… what do YOU think?

Did you hear about other Korean facts, ideas, or myths which have been interesting or even surprising to you? Share them with us by leaving a comment below! :)

Note: Be aware that this list is a compilation of facts gathered online and was discussed with Korean students before being published. Although mostly confirmed and agreed by our peers, we want to emphasize that statements, such as “Koreans believe, Koreans think” and alike, do not necessarily represent every Koreans beliefs and behavior. So, please refrain from criticizing the wording of the statements (or suggest better phrases :P).

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