Random Cuisines You May Be Craving

By Kathy Pham           Though Korea has many great foods and dishes, sometimes, don’t you just miss a certain cuisine or food item? I find it quite hard to satisfy my cravings for certain cuisines, especially Vietnamese foods, as I am ethnically Vietnamese and therefore, picky on the taste. I think it is because Korea […]

Recommendable Restaurants at Wangsimni Enter-6

So far, there are so many articles describing various restaurants in Wangsimni (왕십리). Lately, I have already written about some sushi restaurants that might meet your tastes (Refer to the article titled ‘Sushi restaurants in Wangsimni’). This time, I am going to tell you some restaurants but confined to Wangsimni Enter-6 (왕십리 엔터식스). All these […]

Ethnic Food Exploration (Part 1)

Perhaps one of the largest adjustments to life in a new country is a drastic change in diet. When planning and anticipating your exchange you may not give consideration to food, but it is a fact that it is a difference in your standard life that you encounter again and again, multiple times a day. […]