Spending the Night at Wangsimni

Wangsimni Station (Source: Wikipedia, 분당선 M)

Wangsimni (왕십리) is a place in Seoul (서울) that is very near school. Therefore, many Hanyang University (한양대학교) students hang out after school at Wangsimni. Korea is also known to be a country where people do not sleep at night. Korea has many places that are open until late at night or 24 hours open. Koreans even have a saying that is ‘첫차 타고간다’ which means to ride the first subway or bus home. The first subway or bus is mostly at around five-thirty AM, so to ride the first car home means to stay up until 5:30 AM, which means that you have to stay up all night. Today, I will show you how many Hanyang University students spend the night at Wangsimni.


6 PM: Having Dinner

Cheol-Nam (Source: @do.ob_yum Instagram)

First, class ends around 5 PM or 6 PM. It may end earlier or later, but the first thing you have tTo do is the same. You have to have dinner. There are many places to eat at Wang-Sim-Ni, but today I will recommend my personal favorites.

This is 찜닭(Jim-Dalk) which is made out of chicken. The first place that is one of my favorite places in Wang-Sim-Ni. It is near Burger Show, one of my favorite hamburger places. You can choose from spicy chicken to non-spicy chicken, and also boneless and bone chicken. You can also add cheese to it too.

Cheol-nam Logo (Source: @churnam4827 Instagram)

Cheol-nam (Source: @do.ob_yum Instagram)

Another place I recommend is 철남 (Cheol-Nam). It is a place where you can get spicy pork and chicken. You can choose how spicy your dish is going to be, and also if you want your dish to be pork, chicken, or half and half. The rice here is also unlimitedly free, so this is the place to go if you are starving. They give you Sprite for free and also they fry the rice for free also.

Goo-Gong-Tan (Source: http://m.blog.naver.com/okdk0701/220639633333 churnam4837)

If you want to have alcohol with your dinner, 구공탄 (Goo-Gong-Tan) is just the place for you. 구공탄 is a 삼겹살 (Sam-Gyeup-Sal, Pork Belly) place. You can get beef and other parts of pork also, but Pork Belly (삼겸살, Sam-Gyeup-Sal) and Neck (목살, Mok-Sal) are the most famous.


8 PM: The Alcohol Party Begins

After dinner, the alcohol party begins. I have some places you can go at Wangsimni.

The first place is called 사구포차 (Sa-Goo-Pho-Cha, which means 49bar where all the menus are 4,900 Won). This is a place where you can go and have alcohol all night long and not be worried about the money you spent. It also opens until late at night (It closes after 4 AM. I am not exactly sure about the time. It may close later.) so you can drink all night.

Another place is 정막걸리(Jeong-Mak-Gull-Lee) where you can have 막걸리 (Mak-Gull-Lee, Rice Wine). Rice Wine is a Korean Alcohol that is more on the traditional side. Foreigners may not like the taste of Rice Wine at first, but it is definitely a taste that grows on you. Sooner or later, you will be loving Rice Wine. You can also get great Korean Pancakes (부침개, Bu-Chim-Gay) here. Korean Pancakes are great with Rice Wine, and many Koreans eat it on rainy days.


3 AM: Fun Fun Fun

After you have had enough alcohol, it is time to have some non-alcoholic fun.

First, you can go to an Arcade. You can do games, picking doll games, coin Karaoke, and shooting gun games. They are all fun to do and open all day long.

Or you if you like singing or dancing, you can go to a Karaoke and wait for the sun to rise. Karaoke places in Wang-Sim-Ni mostly give you quite enough time, especially at night.

If you do not want to do both, you can go to a PC room that has good quality, fast internet.


5 AM: Breakfast

After spending the night, you can have breakfast. Koreans mostly have hangover soup after a long night, so hangover soup places mostly tend to be open for 24 hours. You can look at my article about hangover soup for more details. Having a hearty breakfast helps you to get a good sleep once you are home.

After having breakfast, your long night out at Wangsimni ends. This article is not the answer of spending a night out in Wangsimni, but one of the ways I spend the night out that I wanted to share with all the readers. Of course, there is no answer to hanging out all night long. The fun way for you is the best way. Have a safe and fun night.


Article by Hee-sun from Korea, a Junior in Business Administration

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