Fast Dining Food Concepts in Wangsimni

One of the more unique things of Seoul (서울)is the innovative food culture they have created. Rather than having a large number of Global, fast food chain restaurants along every street, there are many local fast dining places around. Since my dorm is located in Wangsimni (왕십리), I am going to focus on a few places that I frequently visit, that in my opinion are very creative concepts.


Standing Steak (스탠딩 스테이크)

This is a very new place located just outside the Hanyang (한양대학교 서울캠퍼스) Campus. Their main offer is a slice of steak with a side of fries or a side salad, and a large beverage. The way they present your food to you is one of the most innovative designs I have ever came across. They fill your large drink with a soda of your choice (or a beer for just 1,000 Won extra) and place a black lid that is divided into two sections on the top, with just enough room to fit a straw between. In the lid is where they place the steak and the side of your choice. The steak is grilled and seasoned with a very delicious BBQ sauce, the fries are fat and lightly salted, and the side salad includes tomato, cucumber, croutons, and bow tie noodles, with a balsamic dressing. The price is relatively low at 7,900 Won for the total meal. There aren’t any places to sit down inside the restaurant but they have high top tables stationed outside where you can stand with your food to eat, or since the carryout design is so original, it is very easy to walk along the street with your cup and food in the same hand.

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Source: The Standing Steak Official Facebook group

TO-GO Salad (투고 샐러드)

This quick salad bar has just opened this week (mid-May 2016) and has proved to be very successful with long waits each time I pass by. When you first enter, they have plastic boxes that you are able to fill with leaves of multiple types of lettuce. Once you have finished selecting your desired leaves, you give them the box and they add romaine lettuce, and chop up all the leaves until the whole box is filled. You are also able to select what type of meat you would like in your salad such as steak, grilled salmon, chicken, pork, no meat, or a combination. The type of meet you select decides which vegetables they add to your salad, or if you get a side of bread with it, but you are obviously able to request addition toppings for a slightly raised price. The salads are generally around 5,000-7,000 Won, which is extremely cheap for a westerner looking for a non-Korean healthy meal choice here in Seoul. This restaurant also does not have inside seating but they back the salad well and put the dressing in a side cup so you can get the salad home and eat it fresh.


Juicy (쥬씨)

This is an extremely fast and cheap smoothie or fresh juice stop located in Wangsimni. There is a large selection of fruits such as kiwi, strawberry, orange, banana, and pineapple that are blended with sugar to make delicious cool beverages. The price for a small size is usually 1,500 Won and only 1,000 Won more for the much larger size. There is no seating but they make the juices so quickly that you aren’t standing there waiting for more than 3 minutes usually. They also have a small coffee menu available if you are looking for something other than a smoothie.

20150818_041235775_ios 20150818_041437061_ios


Hansot (한솥)

Hansot has a relatively large menu that allows for many different Korean dishes for cheap prices. There is everything from trays with chicken, rice, and side dishes, to plain salads, to bibimbap (my personal favorite) (비빔밥). There are also options to buy large quantities of food for group dinners. There is also nowhere to sit inside this restaurant but the prices or low, the service is fast, and the food is tasty.

2015-06-06 04.24.40 1 hansot


Burger Show (버거쇼)

Finally, one of my favorites fast dining places in Wangsimni, is Burger Show. They serve fresh, burgers or cheeseburgers with all the most desired toppings included. Additionally, they have an option or fries or cheese fries. There are many places to sit down inside the restaurant, but you order/pay at the counter then retrieve your own meal so I consider this fast-dining since you aren’t havening anyone wait on you.

BurgerShow kakaotalk_20150921_150736741



Article by Rachel from the U.S.A.

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