Small Pubs in Wangsimni

1. Saurros (쏘러스)


Here is a picture of this small pub. As you recognize through this picture and the title of this article, the space is relatively smaller than regular ones. That’s why I put the title as ‘small pub’. It was founded by a graduate student from Hanyang University (한양대학교). Actually, some of the restaurants in Wangsimni (왕십리) including ‘Saurros’ are currently managed by Hanyang University graduates. What an interesting point!


The menu they are selling now is just affordable! According to the menu, there are hand-made sausage and churros. The price of each menu is 5500 Won and 5000 Won. Also you can take out churros packed in a cup by paying 3000 Won. Although I hadn’t tried out yet, I heard from my friend that it is tasty!

For the beer, it costs 2500 Won per cup. However, there is a distinctive feature different from others. That is, you can make foam itself by pressing down the handle. You can figure it out by seeing the picture above. So it would be very helpful when only the half of amount of beer is left. It makes beer fresh again! Also they sell ‘Dutch beer’, which is coffee and beer are combined together. So what about trying out the ‘Dutch beer’?

[Location & Hours]  


Source: Naver Map

It is located opposite from the ‘Subway’ sandwich restaurant. And operating hours is described like this: 17:00~02:00. However, when I got there over 17:00, the door was still closed. So before going there, calling in advance would save your time, I think.


2. Bong-gu Beer (봉구비어)

This small pub is operated by a franchise restaurant. Compared to the ‘Saurros’ that I mentioned above, you can find out this pub all around Seoul when you look it up. It is really famous for its various snack lists. It includes French fries, fried filefish fillet, cheese stick and ice peach. Of course, the most popular snack is its French fries. So I usually order the combo set containing two cups of beer and a big size French fries. It costs 10000 Won, so it doesn’t give much burden to us in terms of price.

If you are eager to eat other snacks including French fries, there are special combo sets for you [Big size French fries + long cheese stick = 6500 Won / Big size French fries + fried filefish fillet = 7500 Won / Big size French fires + ice peach = 9000 Won]. Also, two kinds of sauce will be served when you order these combo sets.

In regards to beer, they sell bottled beer as well as draft beer. The types of bottles beer are listed on the menu, Cass, Miller, Budwiser, Asahi, Corona, and so forth. To get more information, let’s check out website or Facebook.

[Location & Hours]


Source: Naver Maps

Here is the location of this pub. The way to get there for the first time could be tricky, but hope you find it well. The exact time of business hours is not written on the page, but I think it opens from 18:00 to 01:00.


3. KKoyangi Blues (꼬양이블루스)

While searching about small pubs in Wangsimni, I just came up with the place named ‘꼬양이블루스’. I’ve never been there and heard of it from friends, but I’ve passed by so much due to geographical position. When you get out of exit 6 of Wangsimni Station (왕십리역) and walk for a minute, you can easily find out!

In there, they are selling not only draft/bottled beer but also other types of liquor like mixture of Bernini and soju. Furthermore, the food list is even more diverse. For example, Chicken portlet, fried pepper, nacho, chicken and fried shrimp. They range in price starting from 5000 Won to 10000 Won.

The interior is so cute that it makes me want to go there. The interior concept is a small cat like the name of the pub, so you can recognize trivial decoration here and there.

[Location & Hours]


Source: Naver Maps

As I mentioned in the first paragraph, I attached the map letting us know the exact location. For the business hour, it opens at 17:00~03:00. But it is changeable depending on the weather or the number of customers.


Article by SooJung from Korea, a Junior in Business Administration

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