[End of Term] Spring 2017 myHUBS Reporters

Hey, it’s Hoon, the editor for myHUBS. I’m back again with news on our myHUBS team! Once again, another semester passed meaning we have to say bye to our precious members. Our reporters,  Hee-sun, Jieun, Jonghyuk, Kevin, Ruby, and Yongshin were just fabulous to hang out with every week! Although they must have had a difficult (pretty sure of this) time coming up new topics to write about, they made it. Besides the reflection articles, the six members contributed to 70 new articles on helpful and constructive articles for current and potential readers, totaling 480 articles for our blog. I hope their sacrifice for one semester benefits many others coming to Hanyang University or Korea.


As of now, you’ll be able to see some members next semester as well!. Yay!

I just hope Kevin and Ruby have a safe trip back to Canada after their trip in Asia. As for Jieun, thank you for your time and effort this semester, and hope you do well after your graduation. And, of course, congratulations!


As for me, I’ll be stepping down as the editor for myHUBS after six straight semesters due to my studies in the USA. It was an honor to meet everyone and serve as editor for this blog.

Thank you guys, and thank you Hanyang!

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