[End of Term] Fall 2016 myHUBS Reporters

Hey I’m back! Which means that the term for this fall’s myHUBS reporters have finally come to an end and it’s time for us to let them go. Please give them an applause for contributing to the articles that they wrote for the past four months! As mentioned every semester, it was probably the most difficult […]

[End of Term] Spring 2016 myHUBS Reporters

Guess what? The term for this year’s spring myHUBS reporters have finally come to an end. We’d would like to thank them for their contribution all throughout the semester starting from mid-March, for about three full months! I definitely know that it wasn’t easy for them, with many issues on hand including classes, assignments, exams, team projects, […]

The End of My Journey in Seoul (by Rachel)

As I come to the end of my 4 month stay in Seoul at Hanyang University (한양대학교), I can only look back to reflect on positive memories. The experience as a whole was both the most rewarding and eye opening journey I have ever embarked on. I have made friends from all across the world that […]

Reflecting on My Time in Korea (by Eli)

The idea of studying abroad had always just a daydream that I never thought would be fulfilled. I had this idea that I would go on all these wonderful and thrilling adventures and see the most beautiful and unique places in the world. It sufficed for a while, but in 2015 I went through a […]

Dear Korea, (from. Catherine)

Four crazy months have come and gone, and I cannot believe I am sitting in America writing my last article for Hanyang University Business School. It seems like yesterday I arrived at Incheon airport when it was freezing cold at the end of February, and now I am sitting back at home in the warm […]

So Long Seoul

After living in Seoul for one semester I learned a lot about South Korea’s people and culture. I really enjoyed all South Korea had to offer and I think Korea helped me grow as a person. It gave me a new outlook on life and helped me learn to accept people from all different cultures. […]

The 2014 Farewell Party for International Students of HUBS

To end the last semester of 2014, the Hanyang University Business School had a farewell party for the International Students on December 9th. Held at the Business School SKT Hall, the party was so much fun for the many international students that attended, from all over the world including China, Japan, USA, Canada, Germany, France, […]