Evening Session with International Students

Last Friday, which was April 9th, our business school had a brief talk session introducing international programs students can participate in. The event was held in Room 204 by the Hanyang University Business School (HUBS) International Office. The purpose of the event was to give information to those who are interested in studying abroad for semesters and to encourage HUBS students to get more involved in international programs. About 20 students attended the meeting.

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The session started with a short introduction of the today’s schedule by Mrs. Jin Hur, the assistant manager of international relations and Professor SeungIk Baek. Mrs. Jin Hur, talked through how much our school has been in relationship with its sister universities. Currently 16 universities from 10 countries are in relationship with HUBS. These numbers are only within the business school, apart from the whole university’s international department. The countries include the Americas- United States, Canada, Mexico, to European countries- France, Belgium and Portugal. The list of programs ranges from exchange student, dual degree and Master’s degree programs to short-term studies. When applying for exchange student, HYU student is exempt from paying tuition fees to the overseas university. For other programs, such as Master’s Degree and Short-term study, scholarship opportunities are available, relieving students of concerns on budget. Currently, the international office is recruiting 12 students to participate in a summer program in Alberta, Canada. A short video clip made by former participants was shown.


For the second part of the evening, three exchange students came up on the stage to introduce their home university, Florida State University in Florida. USA. Eli, Catherine and Rachel study business in FSU, and came to South Korea for a semester long exchange program. According to their talk, FSU is famous for football and a huge size of the campus. Every football season, the city is crowded with residents and FSU alumni visiting the campus to watch the match. Also, in the campus are student wellness facilities such as study rooms, cafes, massage shops, and a cinema. It was very helpful to hear from them housing cost and the cost of living, so HYU students could plan their budget in advance.

Following the presentation on FSU, Quintin, a dual degree student from France, talked about ICN Business School in Nancy, France. ICN Business School is one of the top universities in France. Being highly internationalized, ICN is comprised of only 10-20% of French students, and the rest is international students. Therefore, the school boasts a great cultural diversity among students. Also, a mentor-mentee program for exchange students is well settled. One local student becomes a mentor of one international student, and helps him out to well adjust to a new environment. Quintin mentioned his experience of being a mentor of one Korean exchange student as a motivation to pursue his degree in South Korea. Quintin prepared some brochures about ICN for those who are interested in applying.

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After the presentations were all done, a casual Q&A and fellowship continued and sandwiches were ready for snack. Among the attendees were those who had already done the exchange program through HUBS and HYU International Office, so students could be able to hear from their fellow students about their experience. Hope this one and a half hour session was helpful to everyone. HUBS is looking forward to seeing more people next time!

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Source: biz.hanyang.ac.kr


Article by Sangeun, a Junior in Business Administration

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