The 2014 Farewell Party for International Students of HUBS

To end the last semester of 2014, the Hanyang University Business School had a farewell party for the International Students on December 9th. Held at the Business School SKT Hall, the party was so much fun for the many international students that attended, from all over the world including China, Japan, USA, Canada, Germany, France, Netherlands, and so much more.

IMG_5827 IMG_5868-1 IMG_5868-2 IMG_5868-5 IMG_5868-11 IMG_5878 IMG_5880

It started off with Part 1, including a short word from the Dean of the business school and farewell greetings from the professor. Then, the students and staff digged into an amazing buffet style dinner that had amazingly delicious food. Filled with traditional Korean food, fusion Western food, fruit, and dessert, we ate till we were stuffed.

IMG_5906-3 IMG_5906-4 IMG_5906-5 IMG_5906-6

The dinner was followed by Part 2 of the farewell party! The MC’s Angela Kim and Rick Punt introduced the acts, which included a variety of amazing and interesting performances.

IMG_6012-10 IMG_6013

It started with “gukak”, or traditional Korean music by the music group, “One”. “One” consisted of four traditional Korean instruments and a modern guitar, which played traditional music harmoniously in a modern style. The performances also included a song sung in the traditional Korean style, which was breathtaking. The outfits, stage presence, and music were entrancing.

IMG_6012-3 IMG_6012-6 IMG_6012-7

Next up was the Taekkyeon performances, or traditional Korean martial arts, which is kind of like a combination of the well-known Korean martial arts strategy Taekwondo and tai chi. With graceful flow of movements, a flag performance, and even a knives performances, the Taekkyeon team kept us on edge with their staged fight scenes.

IMG_6141 IMG_6146 IMG_6172-3 IMG_6184-3

Then, there was some dance performances by the students of Hanyang. First, was the Chinese Student Team and next, was followed by the “Ars-Amandy” Performance Team. These teams performed some KPOP songs, and it was a lot of fun for those who could sing along to the tunes.

IMG_6096-1 IMG_6271

We also had more music performances, including Indie singer Seul Yoon, who is a Hanyang Business student in her last semester, and also the band “Sokna”. With their upbeat and exciting performances, they heated up the atmosphere!

IMG_6370 IMG_6401 IMG_6418

The farewell party ended with a contest, “Who can get the most signatures”! Each student was given a T-shirt and a pen, and three students with the most signatures won a prize! Also, we had students that wore traditional clothing win a prize!

IMG_6327 IMG_6332 IMG_6357

The Farewell Party was a great end to the wonderful year at Hanyang Business School, and we all wanted to thank the wonderful staff at HUBS for making this possible. The Farewell Party only happens once a year at the end of the Fall semester. So, if you happen to be at Hanyang for Fall of 2015, make sure to go and have fun at this wonderful event!

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Article by Wonmi from the USA

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