Black Food in Gangnam

Today, I want to introduce you about interesting dessert-about black-colored food. It seems weird to eat something black, but if you think about it, we can find black food everywhere.

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The place where I really want to recommend is called ‘C&Z Bakery’. It sells variety of brunch, but the special menu is ‘black panini’. Inside the black bread, it has cheese, delicious sauce, few slices of apple, and some crunches. When you bite it, you will be satisfied with its taste. At first, you may surprise by the color because it is black. If you go to ‘paris baguette’ or ‘tour les jours’, the Korean bread making brand, you can only find the wheat color of panini. But here, it is special.


And I want to recommend another menu called ‘Ricotta cheese salad’. Although it is not a black color, let’s just pretend it is black because its plate is black. This salad is the best cheese salad that I ever had. The cheese flavor is really soft, and all the vegetables are fresh. It is a perfect combination if you eat both black panini and ricotta cheese salad. You will find C&Z Bakery near Shin-non-hyun station (신논현역). Just go straight from Gangnam Station (강남역) exit 11.

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Second one is ’405 Kitchen’. It is located in near the Gangnam CGV. It is famous for the black-bread burger. It is not normal that burger’s color is black, and you may expect the different taste from the original brown bread, the taste is just the same. So in this place, the black color is just for the joy for the eyes. But still, the atmosphere of this restaurant is quite romantic so lots of couples are waiting here.

KakaoTalk_20150920_195942628 (1) KakaoTalk_20150920_195943030 (1)

Third is ‘Sul-bing (설빙)’. I think most people are familiar with this brand. It is well-known for Korean traditional dessert-bing-su. ‘Bing-su’ is dessert the a bowl of shaved ice with sugar syrup. It is really sweet so if you get stressed by your work, you can try this one. And in Sul-bing, it sells ‘Chocolate Bing-su’-shaved ice with Chocolate, Chocolate cake, and Chocolate syrup. Sound pretty sweet, right? Its color is black, but tastes really good. The price is around 8,000~9,000 won. Some people think it is quite expensive-actually, it is-but you can try once in a blue moon if you have a sweet tooth. Some people think it is quite expensive-actually, it is-but you can try once in a blue moon if you have a sweet tooth. By the way, ‘Sul-bing’ is really famous brand, so you can find it in Wangsimni as well. It is located in near the Xeno PC room.

Wangsimni Sulbing

KakaoTalk_20150921_175916140 (1)

The last one is ‘Primo BacioBaci’. It sells ‘squid inky based pasta with bread’. It looks really weird, because everything is all black. Actually I was very surprised and even think ‘can I eat this’. But I bet the taste is fantastic. You will not regret eating this menu. When you finish eating the pasta, you can have black bread soaked with black cream sauce. Also, you can find ‘Primo BacioBaci’ not only in Gangnam but in Myeong-Dong (명동), Hongik University (홍익대학교), etc. because it is a famous pasta brad in Korea.

These places pretty much adds up to black food. And they not only sell black food, so you can go there and try other delicious food also. Hope you enjoy the food!


Article by Shin Hwa from Korea

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