Café Craze (part 4): Airplanes, Buses, and…Ddong?

Air Café


Air Café is a cozy café that is perfect for any traveler! The café is stacked with travel books and maps, and makes for a 2perfect location to plan your next trip!

The café menu is made like a passport, and offers special sets such as the Korean set or Singapore set.

This café is also a bar, and offers an extensive list of alcoholic drinks you can enjoy during a night out with friends! There are also non-alcoholic drinks and snacks and other food items to choose from!

The booths along the window are also made to resemble an aisle of airplane seats.



Take Line 2 to Hapjeong Station and go out through exit #3. Walk straight until you see a Starbucks and KB* sign and turn right. Walk all the way down the street to the very end where you will arrive at an intersection. Continue straight and cross the street and Air Café will be on the 3rd floor of the building.



Caffé InBus


This café, located in Gangnam, is known for its’ bus display. The hollowed out bus sits inside the café, and its colorful exterior makes it fun décor piece. The floor, made to look like a road also adds to the café’s “bus” vibe.

The café is known for its selection of handmade breads, from sweet breads to savory breads. Located a short walk from the subway station, this café is a great place to hang out with friends.



Take Line 2 to Gangnam Station, and go out through exit #9. Continue walking straight and the café will be on your right.



Ddong Café


For those of you who don’t know Korean, ddong is the Korean word for poop. Yup, a poo-themed café exists in Seoul! 9Before you get grossed out, there is nothing remotely related to feces apart from the shape of the mugs and plates and decorations- so don’t be disgusted!

The drinks and food are served in toilet-shaped mugs and plates, and there are little decorations throughout the café that follow this theme like ddong-shaped cushions and planters.



This ddong café is located in Insadong, at the top of the Ssamziegil Complex. Take line 3 to Anguk Station, and take exit #5 to Insadong. Once you come out of the subway exit, walk straight and turn left into Insadong. Walk down the street and you will see Ssamziegil Complex.

Article by Krisiti from Canada

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