Café Craze (part 3) – Sinchon and Sinsa

Chloris Tea Garden


This cute little shop will make you feel like you’re out having afternoon tea somewhere in England! With English interior and dainty little tea cups, you’ll forget you’re in Asia.

Chloris Tea Garden is located in Sinchon, and it’s a great spot for teatime with friends, or what I like best about it- brunch! If you’re craving for a delicious Western style brunch, this is a good place to check out. I ordered a brunch set with eggs and sausages and it did not disappoint! It came with a side of salad, a biscuit, blueberry and strawberry jam, bacon, sausages, mushrooms, eggs and your choice of hot or cold coffee or tea.


Directions: Take Line 2 to Sinchon Station and walk out through exit #3. Go right (between the Twosome Place and McDonald’s), and keep walking straight until you reach the Etude House. Turn right at the Etude House and continue on straight until you reach Chloris Tea Garden.



Banana Tree Café


If you’re ever in the Sinsa district and crave for a cute little dessert, Banana Tree Café is the place to go! Their famous dessert is the “Flower Pot” dessert. You can choose from a few flavors such as banana, espresso and others, and they bring you a pudding cake served inside a small flower pot. Sprinkled with chocolate crumble (the soil) and eaten with shovel-shaped spoons, this dessert is adorable! However, it is a tiny shop, so avoid coming with lots of friends.



Getting to this café is pretty tricky, however a kind traveler made a short little video with instructions on how to find this café!

(YouTube video taken from A Blog Abroad Youtube Channel)




Coffee Chu


Coffee Chu is a neat establishment located in Sinsa. The shop is on the second floor of the building, and it has a wonderful balcony to enjoy the sunshine in. With a view of a Garosugil street, it also makes a perfect spot to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon people watching.

Coffee Chu boasts an impressive menu, especially for churros! They have a plethora of churro snacks and dessert, and even make a churro hot dog! It’s similar to a regular hot dog but the hot dog buns are replaced with a churro. I chose to go with a pesto panini and it was absolutely scrumptious. I didn’t even remember to take a picture of it until I was already a few bites in!



Take Line 3 to Sinsa station and come out of exit 8. Keep walking straight until you see a Tous le Jours, where you will turn left. Walk straight down the road until you spot Coffee Chu, which is located on the second floor.



Article by Kristi from Canada

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