Korean Internet Café (피시방:PC Bang)

Mingi Woo

Video games are undoubtedly one of the most booming entertainment industries. This is no exception for Korea as well. Video games, in general, have engraved themselves in Korean Culture causing Korea to become one of the largest Esports scenes. So, how has Korea become the powerhouse of esports we know today? Well, one of the main contributing factors is the numerous Internet Cafés in Korea that might have led to such success. In this blog, I will quickly introduce you to the Korea Internet Café.

What is PC Bang?

PC Bang(방) in direct translation means room in Korean. So you could imagine it like a room filled with computers and monitors. PC Bangs have several games that are trending in Korea like League of Legends, Overwatch, Fifa Online 4, Sudden Attack, etc. There are plenty of options for people to come and enjoy playing games.


The fee is charged on an hourly basis, 1000won or 0.8USD on average will give you between 40~60minutes depending on location. The farther away from the center of Seoul will result in cheaper deals. If you make an account and become a member, you will be given better deals, and the residual time that is left after you are done playing will be saved within your account.

PC Bang Food

Yes, you read that right. You can indeed order food to eat while you are playing your game or waiting in queue for your next game. Hence the part café. Ordering food in the PC bang is one of the most unique experiences you can have in Korea. You can order foods from instant noodles to various kinds of rice bowls. Like a restaurant, there are countless menu options, and the employees will directly bring the food to your computer. In addition to all of the foods, you can order various beverages to go alongside your meal.

Honestly, food and game are a match made in heaven. Anyone who enjoys playing games would surely agree. That is why I highly recommend trying out the food when you visit the PC Bang.

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