Korean Mandatory Military Service

Mingi Woo One thing that all men in Korea have in common is that they are all obligated to serve in the military but with few exceptions. Recently, with BTS Jin joining the Army, many foreigners might wonder what the Korean Military is like. Today, I will tell you a little about the Korean military […]

Trip to Gangwon-do

Pratibha Love snow? You are at the right place at right time. Korea has some really breathtaking scenic beauty during the winter. One of the famous places is “Gangwon-do”. During snow, the view feels surreal. A few days back, I went to Gangwon-do to enjoy my weekend. Luckily, it snowed a lot that time so […]

Food Places Near School

Pratibha As you attend your classes at school, you eagerly wait for the lunch break. You might not want to go to the regular cafeteria in school but would like to explore some places nearby to eat during lunch hour. Today, I will tell you guys some of the places to go for your quick […]

Seollal Food

Mingi Woo Upcoming this week is one of the largest Korean Holidays, Seollal (Lunar New Year). Similar to Thanksgiving in the United States, it’s a celebration that brings the family together to enjoy food and hold ancestral rites. You can find more information about Seollal in one of our blog posts, but in this post, […]

How about a cozy weekend at home drinking hot chocolate and watching some really good movies or Web series?

Pratibha Hey everyone, this time I will give some good movie or drama recommendations worth trying. So, let’s talk about different genre mega hits. Were they true to the hype? I will give the best recent movies or series names for you to watch. The first genre is horror (ghost/ zombies/ creepy creatures) The 2nd […]

Places to Visit in Jeju Island

Mingi Woo Today’s blog, I would like to talk about the places that I visited during my trip to Jeju Island. Take this list with a grain of salt when you decide to visit Jeju Island.  There are a few ways to travel around Jeju Island. The first option is using public transportation. Some buses […]

A quick introduction to Korean Stock Market

Mingi Woo First, we must look at the two main composite indexes in Korea. While the United States has three indexes (S&P 500, Dow Jones Industrial Average, and Nasdaq), Korea has two main indexes (KOSPI, KOSDAQ). KOSPI measures the performance of large/well-established businesses, while KOSDAQ measures small to medium-sized businesses. How is the composite stock […]

Fan Culture In Korea

Pratibha You might have heard of K-pop. If not, let me give you some backstory about it. It’s the part of the entertainment industry where idols audition for labels and do training which can vary from months to years. They are taught to improve their singing, dancing, how to behave, etc. in short everything to […]