Pizza Mall


I am back!!!!!

What’s gonna be this week’s topic 🤔????

Well, again I’m here to tell you guys about a new amazing food place I found 😊.

So, this place is called “Pizza Mall”. So, this is in Gangnam.

[Naver Map]

Pizza Mall Gangnam Station Branch

서울 강남구 강남대로 432

This place is worth visiting. At the moment the price goes like for lunch 12,900 won and for dinner 15,900 won. You just need to pay this amount in starting and then you can eat anything there. I and my friends went at night time so we paid 15,900 won. It’s a buffet. You can find a variety of pizzas, pasta, macaroni, French fries, Korean dishes like teokbokki, fried rice, cake, ice cream cups & cones, cold drinks, dips, chilli flakes, fruits, etc. The most important thing is that everything is very tasty and has a mouth-watering smell.

The amount and variety they offer are worth the price we pay. I think you should go and try once there {If you are a gym person or health-conscious person then you can go there on your cheat day}

This place is near the Gangnam CGV so you can actually watch a movie and then have a nice meal there. Sounds like a great plan, right????!!!!! Also, this place is on the 6th floor and the other floors are shopping centres and they have an amazing collection. The lane this place is in has karaoke, and a mystery box shop too!!! A mystery box shop is a place where the gifts are packed with no knowledge of what is inside and you need to pay a certain amount depending on your luck you can get an item less or more worth the amount you paid. It’s your choice which box you want to take. So, your luck is in your hands.

Also, important to mention is that at the starting point of this lane is the statue of PSY from his song Gangnam Style which is a perfect match for the name of the area. This monument is in honour of the iconic song.

You can go there and could do a photo shoot and recreate the iconic step of Gangnam Style ☺………

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