Places to Visit in Jeju Island

Mingi Woo

Today’s blog, I would like to talk about the places that I visited during my trip to Jeju Island. Take this list with a grain of salt when you decide to visit Jeju Island. 

  1. Renting a Car

There are a few ways to travel around Jeju Island. The first option is using public transportation. Some buses connect important routes, however, the number of buses that are in the rotation is limited. Therefore, you might have to wait a long time for each bus to arrive. The next option is expensive since it would require you to take a taxi. Like in Seoul, you can use a taxi mobile app like Kakao taxi to catch a ride in Jeju as well. The travel method I recommend is renting a car. You can use websites like Dolharupang (돌하루팡) or use Skyscanner while purchasing a plane ticket. Most rental car services will provide a shuttle service from the airport to the car rental dealership.

  • 9.81 Park

For those who love to experience a bit of thrill, I recommend visiting the 9.81 park. The 9.81 Park provides various activities, but the main entertainment attraction is its Gravity Race. The gravity race is like a go-kart race where racers race downhill with the force of gravity(motorless racing). People can choose 4 different courses each varying in difficulty. Each car is attached to GPS and ICT systems that allow real-time information about the race like speed, acceleration, lap time, and g-force. All of this information will be available in their mobile app which is available on the app store. The app also provides a recorded video of the race, which you can download and share with your friends.

  • Osulloc Tea House

Jeju is well known for its citrus fruits, but Jeju also has some incredible green tea. There you can try their famous green tea ice cream and their green tea roll cakes. Additionally, there is an observation platform where you can see the large green fields of tea plants. There you can take incredible pictures of the view. There is also an Innisfree café/shop where you can purchase mementos or souvenirs to take back.

  • ATV & Horse Riding

The best way to experience the forest of Jeju is to travel around with an ATV. For those who don’t know what an ATV is, ATV is a four-wheel off-road vehicle. This allows you to travel the rocky terrains of the Jeju Forest. Additionally, they provide a horse riding experience for those who prefer a more relaxing experience, which allows people to fully engage in the forest while riding.

These are some of the places that I visited during my stay, and I hoped this list proves helpful when planning your trip.

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