Trip to Gangwon-do


Love snow?

You are at the right place at right time. Korea has some really breathtaking scenic beauty during the winter. One of the famous places is “Gangwon-do”. During snow, the view feels surreal. A few days back, I went to Gangwon-do to enjoy my weekend. Luckily, it snowed a lot that time so I could experience this panoramic view. Here are a few of the pictures and videos that I would like to share.

The lodges here are pretty good. They maintained the forest feel from the outside but inside they have pretty much all the facilities a hotel can provide you. They are newly furnished and well-maintained. They have a cafeteria and the food is really good. Also, there is a convenience store in case you want some snacks. Imagine getting up in the morning with this beautiful view in front of you. I highly recommend going there with your friends and family. Any age, whether child, adult or old you will enjoy it as this place offers something for everyone. You can do snow sledding and make snowmen or fight with snowballs. For me, snow sledding was the most fun part. Especially for someone who comes from a city where it never snows then this experience is a must for you.

Also, some bridges are built between the forest for you to hike and enjoy every angle. Especially with snow on those tracks, its beauty increases many folds. I went to take a walk in the evening time and it was immensely beautiful with the sun setting and the track and the whole area full of snow. During the morning time, it was snowing continuously so when I went out to roam around the area, no doubt the quality time I spend was worth it, but I came back as a snowman 😂😂. So, take care of yourself and dress warmly.

{Please……IGNORE ME HERE…..}

You can spend your day away from the noise and in the lap of nature. Moreover, there is one festival in “Gangwon-do” at the moment which is until 29th January, where you can do ice fishing, ice hockey and other Korean games related to ice.

So, what I was saying is that during winter especially during snow time it is highly recommended to go to these kinds of places and have new experiences in life. Snow is beautiful!!!!!!!

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