Food Places Near School


As you attend your classes at school, you eagerly wait for the lunch break. You might not want to go to the regular cafeteria in school but would like to explore some places nearby to eat during lunch hour. Today, I will tell you guys some of the places to go for your quick meal to quench your hunger.

The first place is “THAIINPLATE”

[네이버 지도]


서울 성동구 사근동8길 3 우리빌딩

The recommended menu is Nasi Goreng Fried Rice which is 7000 won per plate. But everything is tasty. Most importantly this place is vegetarian friendly so you can custom your food and enjoy your meal.

The second place is “Giri Sigdang or 길이식당”

[네이버 지도]

길이식당 한양대점

서울 성동구 사근동길 21-1

The best part of this place is that you can eat as much rice as you want without restriction, and you can refill your bowl of rice as many times as you want. This place also has a few dishes which can be enjoyed by vegetarians. A few of them include a dish named 계란 토마토 which is 6000 won.

Both these places are near the school and are affordable. Everyone can find and enjoy something of their liking at these places.

The next place is something everyone must have heard of …………….. 🥁🥁🥁  “Subway”.

[Naver Map]

Subway Hanyang Univ. Branch

서울 성동구 마조로 11

Well, this is near the school and this place does not need any introduction as you all might already be aware of the menu they serve. But this is always an option for some cravings.

What about something sweet????

Well, there’s Baskin-Robbins near the school if you go down towards Wangsimni from the university hospital side.

[Naver Map]

BaskinRobbins Hanyang Univ. Branch

서울 성동구 마조로 25

There is one famous waffle place where you can have your dessert after lunch. This is the address below for you to navigate easily. The waffles are affordable and tasty. They are worth giving a try.

[Naver Map]

Ttingttong Waffle Main Branch

서울 성동구 마조로1길 32

So, these are the few places near the school to go to eat and enjoy a variety of dishes and quick and tasty meals. Enjoy your winter while eating hot meals!!!!!

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