How about a cozy weekend at home drinking hot chocolate and watching some really good movies or Web series?


Hey everyone, this time I will give some good movie or drama recommendations worth trying. So, let’s talk about different genre mega hits. Were they true to the hype? I will give the best recent movies or series names for you to watch.

The first genre is horror (ghost/ zombies/ creepy creatures)

  1. Happiness (Korean drama)  [really great zombie drama]
  2. Sweet Home (Korean drama)
  3. Smile (Movie)
  4. Truth or Dare (Movie)
  5. Hellbound (Korean Drama)
  6. Connect (Korean drama)
  7. Wednesday (web series)
  8. Island (Korean drama)
  9. The call (Movie)
  10. Dark hole (Korean drama)
  11. All of us are dead (Korean drama)

The 2nd genre is a thriller (dark/ action/ murder/ suspense)

  1. Penthouse (Korean drama)  [this drama is dark, full of murders]
  2. Mouse (Korean drama)  [at first in a few episodes you might feel like leaving but hang on it the few last episodes will blow your mind]
  3. Taxi driver (Korean drama)
  4. Vincenzo (Korean Drama)
  5. Manifest (web series)
  6. Money heist (web series0
  7. Signal (Korean drama)
  8. Flower of evil (Korean drama)
  9. Big mouth (Korean drama)
  10. The glory (Korean drama)
  11. Vagabond (Korean drama)

The 3rd genre is romance (all k-dramas)

  1. Business Proposal
  2. Start-up
  3. Crash landing on you
  4. What’s wrong with secretary Kim
  5. Boys over flower
  6. Strong woman Do Bong Soon
  7. Tale of the nine tailed
  8. Search: WWW
  9. W
  10. Alchemy of souls
  11. My id is Gangnam beauty
  12. Love revolution   [It’s a high school drama. It’s really cute and lovely]

The 4th genre is Melodrama (all k-dramas)

  1. It’s okay to not be okay
  2. Sky castle
  3. Extraordinary Attorney Woo
  4. 25-21 [really cute couple and friendship story]
  5. Reply 1988 [it’s funny to watch]
  6. Little women
  7. Our blues
  8. My mister
  9. Fight for my way
  10. Tune in for love
  11. Itaewon class
  12. 21st century girl
  13. Imitation

There are many more dramas to recommend but these are the few good dramas that I would like to recommend to you to watch during your winter vacation and have a fun time with yourself in your blanket. All of them are available on Netflix.

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