Apple TV + and Disney +: What to watch?

Minjun Son

2021. 11.23

Image Source: Apple + TV, Disney +

             Following Apple TV +, Disney + landed in Korea today, further expanding the OTT universe.

#Apple TV +, the number of episodes is small, but the completeness is guaranteed

             Since launching in the United States two years ago, Apple TV + has consistently featured high-quality series featuring popular stars.

Although the number of original works is smaller than that of first timers such as Netflix, each time it was released, it was well received by critics, and ‘The Morning Show’ and ‘Ted Lasso’ swept various awards ceremonies.

Apple TV + has many works that reflect the charm of the ‘American drama’ that was loved through the airwaves and cable TV before the OTT era. They are elements that drama fans will like, such as the well-structured composition, lines that reflect the current state, and the characters that are sympathetic.

As if reflecting the passion Apple has been pouring into the music business so far, the music selection for most of the series is excellent, and there are a lot of musician-oriented content. However, Apple TV+’s lineup of self-produced content is relatively short compared to Netflix and Disney+.

Apple TV + is the first Korean work and original series ‘Dr. “Brain” and launched an aggressive publicity campaign.

Apple TV + has a monthly fee of 6,500 won, which is cheaper than Disney +. A 7-day free trial is also available.

#Disney +. A worldview that spreads like a sweet potato stem

Disney, which has a lot of licensed assets, puts a lot of effort into making the universe grander. For audiences who have enjoyed Disney-related works in theaters for a long time, Disney + provides an incredible amount of content.

It is a situation where sub-series spread like sweet potato stems under already famous series such as Star Wars, Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Pixar. What’s even more surprising is that there are many works of perfection that can be viewed independently, regardless of the fandom.

Disney+ owns brands with strong fandoms such as Disney, Pixar, and Marvel. The original series is also in preparation.

The documentary lineup also draws attention. This is because the Walt Disney Company acquired 21st Century Fox and even included the documentary channel National Geographic.

However, the weakness of Disney Plus is that it is too dependent on Star Wars and Marvel IP. The high dependence on the existing IP is not known to fans of these contents, but it also means that there is no reason for those who do not have much interest.

Disney + pays a monthly subscription fee of 9,900 won and allows simultaneous access on four devices.

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