Part-time cleaning to go to a BTS concert…

Down syndrome boy’s dream come true

Image source: SOFI Stadium Twitter

Minjun Son

2021. 11.23

Image source: SOFI Stadium Twitter

             A passionate fan of the Korean idol group BTS with developmental disabilities has come true with his earnest dream of going to a BTS concert.

             NBCLA, a Los Angeles local broadcaster, reported that 14-year-old Harrison, who suffers from Down Syndrome, received a free ticket to BTS’ LA concert as a gift from the stadium management.

             Harrison is a passionate fan who listens to BTS songs every day and imitates their dances whenever he has spare time. He said he was happy because of the BTS member ‘J-Hope’, who usually dances wonderfully.

             Meanwhile, he heard that a BTS concert was being held in LA, and immediately made plans to go to a BTS concert. To buy concert tickets, the boy went out with a broom and cleaned the front door and yard of his neighbours’ houses and saved money even it was only a few dollars.

             Harrison worked part-time for several months to see BTS perform, but tickets for the concert were already sold out. He saved the money, but he couldn’t get a ticket.

             Harrison’s story was first known through the online fundraising site ‘Go Fund Me’. Harrison’s story went viral online, and local media also reported it.

             Upon hearing this unfortunate news, SOFI Stadium selected Harrison as a special guest and presented him with a separate VIP ticket. Thanks to a surprise gift from the organizers, Harrison was able to attend for free on the 27th, the first day of the show.

             Harrison wore a hoodie engraved with BTS member Jungkook’s name in front of SOFI Stadium and smiled broadly with his family. Harrison’s mother expressed her gratitude, saying, “He worked really hard to see the BTS concert and she received a lot of love as their story became known.”

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