‘Marvel’y Ma Dong Seok (Don Lee) becomes a Korean Marvel Hero

Minjun Son

2021. 10. 26

Image Source: Walt Disney Company Korea

             ‘Marvel’y, Ma Dong-seok, the Korean movie star, became the first Korean to take on the role of a Marvel series superhero. He said, “The Marvel movie <Eternals> is a work that talks about ‘diversity’ and it is important not to be prejudiced by people’s race, gender, age, or nationality, but to look at who that person is. Do.”

             He also emphasised, “Each superhero has superpowers and strengths with strong personalities, but when they come together in harmony, they become the most powerful superheroes.”

             <The Eternals>, which will be released on November 3rd, depicts the story of heroes who have lived for thousands of years, joining forces to fight against the enemy of mankind, ‘Debianz’. ‘The Eternals’ is a group of Marvel heroes, made up of 10 heroes. Ma Dong-seok takes on the role of ‘Gilgamesh’, who shows strong physical strength.

             Ma Dong-seok said that he received several offers from Hollywood after the movie ‘Train to Busan’, and that he met director Chloe Zhao through video and decided to appear.

Regarding Gilgamesh’s character, he said, “I wasn’t originally Asian, but a lot of things changed when we changed it to an Asian character”. He also described, “Gilgamesh is a warm-hearted and affectionate person who protects the Eternals family. But he turns into a ferocious and powerful warrior when he fights against the Debianz.”

According to the Korean star, the strength of this movie is that you can see the stories of different races and different people. According to the message of this movie, he hopes that many people will look at each other with an open mind, live harmoniously together, and not have prejudice against people based on certain criteria.

From Parasite to Squid games, Korean movies are influencing the movie industry significantly. Not only the contents but also movie stars take a role in Hollywood movies and speak out messages to the world. And now more and more Korean cultures and contents are waiting to be shown to the world.

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