‘Squid Game’ captures the world

Minjun Son

2021. 10. 5.

Image Source: Netflix

1st most viewed content in 83 countries in all countries where it is airing, with 82 million viewers worldwide. This is a great record that Netflix Korean drama ‘Squid Game’ wrote in a month.

The baton of ‘Parasite’, which sparked the global film craze last year, was properly inherited by the squid game this year. As elements in the play, such as costumes and games, lead to parody in social media, they are becoming a cultural ‘phenomenon’.

Not only in the US, the largest market, but also in Europe and Asia, it was a sensational popularity. This is the first time that Korean content has taken the top spot in the world.

It is analyzed that the popularity of the squid game is thanks to the addition of Korean specificity to the universal genre of ‘death game’ (survival game at the risk of death).

Kim Hyo-jeong, a film critic, said, “Thanks to the use of ‘children’s games’ as an element, we were able to build a bizarre and mysterious image.”

Unlike the theme of the squid game, which is a game that uses death as collateral, the colorful costumes catch the eye. The tragedy of the dying participants is maximized in the atmosphere as if they were watching a sports day.

With the craze of squid games, Korean producers are also expected to draw attention from online video services (OTT) around the world.

The popularity of the squid game is also expected to continue for some time. On the 2nd, it was reported that a fist fight broke out as a crowd gathered at the squid game experience hall in Paris, France.

The main actors Lee Jung-jae, Park Hae-soo, Jeong Ho-yeon, and Wi Ha-jun will make a special appearance as a video on the popular American talk show ‘The Jimmy Fallon Show’ on the 6th.

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