UK to completely lift quarantine measures, including mandatory masks, starting on the 19th

Minjun Son

2021. 7. 20.

Image source : NEWSIS

BBC reported on the 4th that the British government is expected to lift restrictions related to lockdown, including the mandatory wearing of masks in public places from the 19th while the momentum of the COVID-19 delta mutation continues.

The British government was planning to apply these measures from last month, but the implementation was delayed due to the increase in the number of corona infections due to the spread of the delta mutation. The new guidelines, which will be applied from the 19th, will be officially announced on the 5th, the broadcaster said.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the easing policy would “show how to restore freedom,” but he wanted to emphasize that the pandemic is not over yet. He warned that new cases could rise again in the coming weeks. Health Minister Sajid Javid wrote in a newspaper today that lifting the lockdown on schedule is important to protecting Britain’s welfare. He said the lockdown has caused domestic violence and adversely affected the mental health of citizens.

Meanwhile, the opposition Labor Party argued that the government should start with an acceptable level of seriously ill patients and what the fatality rate was. Rep. Jonathan Ashworth, Labor’s reserve health minister, warned: “If the number of cases rises and the government does nothing, the public health system will be under pressure, infections will rise again, and education will stop.”

In the UK, the number of infections has continued to increase since June, with 24,248 new cases reported on the 4th. However, the number of new hospitalized patients remains below 400, a quarter of the level in August last year. In addition, 63% of adults were vaccinated.

The British government will lift most of the restrictions, but it is expected to maintain self-isolation, school-related regulations and travel restrictions.

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