Sponsors even ignore Tokyo Olympics…Noticing absence from opening ceremonies one after another

Minjun Son

2021. 7. 20.

Image source: AP Yonhap news

Japanese media reported that companies sponsoring the Tokyo Olympics are refusing to attend the opening ceremony. Sponsoring companies are not classified as general spectators, so they can attend the opening cere`mony, but they are reluctant to attend in consideration of their corporate image.

According to Japan’s Kyodo News on the 20th, major Japanese companies such as NTT and NEC, following Toyota Motor, the top sponsor, announced that they would not attend the Olympic opening ceremony. Japan Airlines (JAL), which has delayed its position, also seems to be leaning toward non-participation.

Initially, the Japanese government and the organizing committee planned to hold the opening and closing ceremonies without spectators to prevent the spread of COVID-19. However, sponsoring companies are not included in the general audience and can attend.

It is analyzed that refusal to attend even though it is an opportunity for major sponsoring companies to use as a promotional opportunity was concerned that the participation itself could adversely affect the corporate image.

Movements that even stop advertising are detected. Toyota Motor Corporation announced the day before that it would also put off TV advertisements related to the Olympics in Japan, along with the absence of Akio Toyota President.

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