Korean Professional Football League

Do you like playing football? Or maybe like watching football? I will introduce to you K-league, Korea’s professional football league. It is separated into two sub-leagues: K-league Classic and K-league Challenge, with a total of 12 teams. Teams and where the teams are located are marked on the map below.


If you like to go somewhere besides Seoul you have many chances to see matches in many different stadiums. There are many teams near Seoul that you might consider. I am going to recommend three teams where their supporters are so ardent that you can enjoy seeing the matches. Jeonbuk Hyundai, Suwon Samsung, FC Seoul.


The first team is Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors. I am a big fan of this team. Their stadium is located in Jeonju. When you go Jeonju, it will be nice to see a match of the team (You can learn about Jeonju through articles in this blog). How to get to this stadium is various. The easiest way to get there is by intercity or express bus. You can get off in front of the stadium (But you must say you will get off at there).



Price for adult (Won)

VIP(Designated seat)


W(Designated seat)






Couple zone

60,000 (for two)


There are VIP, W, E, N, S, and even a chicken and beer couple zone in the W division. The price of these seats ranges from 12,000 Won to 25,000 Won (price for adult). I recommend seat N because it is cheap and it is seats for supporters. In seat N you can enjoy stadium’s hottest atmosphere. You can make reservations at this site (http://www.hyundai-motorsfc.com/).


Jeonbuk Hyundai’s supporters are called Mad Green Boys. Like their name, they are mad for their team and football. This team won the league last year and lists first this year. That is one of the reason why I recommend this team. I went to this stadium many times. The matches was always interesting.


The second team is Suwon Samsung Bluewings. Stadium is located in Suwon. It is not so far from Seoul, you can get there easily. You can go this stadium by bus, number 3007, at Gangnam Station (Line No.2). It takes about an hour to get there from Gangnam Station.


There are so many zones to choose from. Like Jeonbuk, seat N is seat for supporters. I think it is always best choice to see the match. Its price is 12,000 Won and you can get 2,000 Won discount by pre-reservation. You can make reservation and search other seats’ price at this site. (http://www.bluewings.kr/)


I have been this at this stadium as well. This team’s supporters are so passionate too. The atmosphere of the stadium make me so hot and I actually became one with the supporters.


The last team is FC Seoul. Their stadium is located in Seoul. You can get there with subway, World Cup Stadium Station (Line No.6). It takes about 30 minutes from Wangsimni.


Like the upper two teams seat N is for supporters. And its price is 14,000 Won for adult. You can make reservation and search other seat’s price in this site. (http://www.fcseoul.com/)


I have not been at this stadium. But I heard this team’s supporters is huge is size. The stadium is often full of the supporters. It would be nice to see match with teams that I referred. Their results in league are always great as they are big matches.

There is a little tip (everyone know) where to sit. I recommended the supporters zone. And where do you have to sit in that zone? The upper side or lower side? I think is differs from individual to individual but I think if you want to see the match from a wider view it would be better to sit on the upper side. On the other hand, if you want to see it more dynamically it would be better to sit on the down side.

Keep in mind the matches are not always held in all the stadiums. You should check first. If you want to see the schedule, you can see when the matches are held in the site that I referred. Don’t forget chicken and beer. Maybe almost every sports (like baseball, basketball, football, etc) you can find someone who eat chicken in stadium.

You know England Premier league, Primera Division de Espana, Fussball Bundesliga. These leagues are so famous and their play is so fantastic. Yet K-league is not like these leagues. But K-league teams are evolving every year. And passion of the players and supporters is not left behind. It will be nice experience to see and feel the hot atmosphere in football stadiums.

Sources: Jeonbuk Hyundai Official Website, Suwon Samsung Bluewings Official Website, FC Seoul Official Website


Article by Hyosik from Korea

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