Taiwan’s Paradox of “Global Defense Prevention Model”

Minjun Son


Image : Reuter, 2021

Taiwan, which was regarded as a model country for quarantine in the world, is suffering belatedly due to the rapid increase in COVID 19 confirmed cases. Until now, strict isolation, large-scale inspections, and strict fines have prevented infectious diseases. However, as the virus outbreak prolonged over a year, a hole was eventually punctured. The negligence in securing a vaccine, which is a fundamental solution, raised the difficulty.

Taiwan has successfully prevented the spread of Corona 19 so far, but community infections are appearing from the middle of this month. On the 24th, 334 new community corona19 confirmed cases were discovered in Taiwan. The death toll also increased by six. Since the 16th, there have been more than 200 new cases of Corona 19 in Taiwan.

According to Reuters, Taiwan’s COVID-19 vaccination rate is about 1%. It is also because the introduction of the vaccine was delayed due to too well responding in the early stages of the spread of the infectious disease. Taiwan has imported 700,000 doses of vaccines so far, all of which are AstraZeneca (AZ) products, which is insufficient considering the population of 24 million Taiwanese.

At a press conference that day, the Taiwanese Minister of Education announced that schools, kindergartens, foreign schools, after-school educational facilities and academies, etc., will be completely suspended until the 28th. In addition, he added that it plans to provide supplementary classes for summer vacation at schools and universities at different levels remotely. Taiwan has been well received by the international community for its government-led quarantine measures from the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak. However, as large-scale confirmed cases have been pouring out every day, the public’s anxiety is increasing.

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