Dangerous collaborations

Jiyeon Choi

As mass production and market saturation make it difficult to gain competitiveness in the market with quality or price nowadays, companies tend to attract consumers with exotic collaborations and package designs especially in food market. Extraordinary collaborations’ design attracts consumers’ attention and encourages them to buy products out of curiosity. In particular, the trend in the market these days is to launch more unconventional products due to SNS advertisements such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

However due to concerns that infants and children may misunderstand the package design similar to the actual product, consumers are raising their voices to stop dangerous collaboration that may cause confusion.

Consumers responded that collaborative products such as clothing, cosmetics, and beer were interesting, but they reacted that some companies went too far with making food products’ design similar to school stationery which children could easily access and confuse.

In particular, in the case of parents, since children can easily buy these kind of products in their daily lives in supermarkets, convenient stores and etc, many communities such as online Mom Cafe are expressing their worries about their children safety.

Sales volume and popularity soar every time when a company releases unique products by mixing brands and designs from unrelated companies. While many products have already been hit with such collaboration, it seems that other companies have not considered food safety to increase sales immediately which implies that they only pursued exceptional elements for marketing through the collaboration of products.

In this regard, the revision will be proposed again in the form of legislation by clarifying the subject of regulation.

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