Surviving Korean Drinking Games (Part 3)

This is a continuation of the Korean drinking games and chants series. You can find previously written articles below!

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1. Apartment Game (아파트 게임)

Starting off simple, the apartment game is an easy counting game that many people can play. It starts off with a short chant:




The group chants this three times and then everyone piles their hands one on top of the other, with no particular order. Then, an “it” person” calls out a number, and then, starting from the person whose hand is at the bottom of the pile, each person says a sequential number and moves their hand from the bottom to the top of the pile. Whoever places their hand on top and says the number the “it” person initially called out has to drink.

Apartment Game starts with everyone’s hands in the middle (Source:


  • Instead of going in order of whose hand is currently at the bottom of the pile, anyone can move their hand to the top in hopes that they won’t be the person to say the drinking number. The only catch: similar to Noonchi Game (눈치게임), if two people try to say the same number, both of them have to drink.


2. Titanic

A bit of skill and a steady hand is required for this game. Fill a beer glass up with beer, but not the full way. Make sure there’s enough room to place an empty soju glass inside. Once the soju glass is inside, it should float on top of the beer. Then, each person at the table takes turns pouring a little bit of soju in to the empty shot glass. The goal is to pour liquid in, but not enough that the glass gets heavy enough to sink into the beer. Whoever the unlucky person is to sink the soju glass into the beer has to drink the entire mixture in one shot.

A screenshot from people playing Titanic. Watch the full video here:


3. Image Game

There are two pretty different variations of this game, but the premise for both is generally the same:

Version 1

This version is similar to “Never Have I Ever.” Each person holds up five fingers, which basically count as their five lives during the game. Then, each person takes a turn saying a statement to try and get the other players to put a finger down. Rather than saying having “Never have I ever…” though, the person simply says “Put your finger down if…”.

For example: five people are playing this version of the Image Game. The “it” person says “put your finger down if you are wearing a black jacket” so everyone who is wearing a black jacket at the table has to put one finger down. Whoever puts down all five of their fingers has to drink.

The possible statements people can make during this game are endless. Especially when playing as an exchange student with friends from all over the world, it makes it extra fun. If you’re feeling vengeful, you can also tell a single person to put a finger down during their turn.

Version 2

The statements people in this game are “Who is most likely to…”. The “it” person makes a statement about whether who would be most likely two. Then, the group counts to three and on three, all point ot who they think would best fit the statement. Whoever has the most votes has to drink.

Here is a visualization of the Image Game Version 2 (Source:




The Game of Death (더게임 오브데스)

More fun when played with a lot of people, The Game of Death is a pointing game and starts with the following chant.

신난다! 재미난다! (Sinanda! Jaeminanda!)

더개임어브데스! (The game of death)

On the last beat, everyone points to someone else at the table with one hand. The “it” person calls out a number, and the person they point to counts as the first count. Then, following the path made by everyone’s pointed fingers, each consecutive person calls out the next number in the sequence until the last person pointed to calls out the number that was initially called. This final person has to drink.

The visualization for this game is done very well in this video from 0:04 until 1:41.


  • Rather than the “it” person calling out a number, everyone uses their hands to point at people (either two different people or two pointing to the same person). In this variation, the “it” person simply starts the sequence. As the group follows the path, if they are “shot” they put one of their hands down. If a person is “shot” with no hands available, that person has to drink.


Article by Kevin from Canada

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