GS25 Male Hating Poster Controversy

Hajon Lee

South Korea has been and still is in the middle of war between men and women. Recently, the convenience store, GS25, one you’ve probably been to at least once has been at the center of controversy over male hatred with this specific event poster.

In response to strong protests from men, GS25 deleted the poster for the controversial event and officially apologized on the 2nd. GS25 released a poster on its Instagram account on the 1st that includes selling camping food and others. The poster was immediately embroiled in a so-called “male hatred” controversy. People pointed out that the hand-shaped image used in the poster is the same as that used to disparage Korean male genitals, mainly in the online community Megalia. For this reason, men stop buying things from GS25 and food has been stacking up on the shelves. It has been said if males bought stuff from GS25 they would be considered a feminist. Not only have the convenience store owners been affected, but the GS Caltex, the gas station was also hit. Consumers are expressing their intention to leave the membership and transfer to other gas companies, saying, “We will not gas GS Caltex in the future.” GS25 convenience stores in university areas are unvisited and it was seen that not only men but also women customers seem to be reluctant to enter the convenience store. The controversy has spread even to the point where there has been a petition on the presidential board, titled “Please withdraw GS25’s military unit PX contract altogether”. Not sure when the fire will burn out. It also brings to question when the whole war will end.

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