How to co-exist: A Zero Waste Life

Soo Yeon Lee

The world produces a whopping 2.3 billion tons of waste each year. Much of that trash contributes to the harmful pollution of our oceans and lands. So nowadays many people are seeking ways to co-exist with the earth. The basic but a big step is to live a zero-waste life. Many environment-friendly products are getting popular and people share ideas online to reduce waste. Here are some ways to get started.

  • Borrow before Buying

We often don’t need the thing that we buy, we need to result that it offers. We don’t need to buy something that we only need to use once. Informally, you can ask friends, family, colleagues or neighbors if they can lend you the thing that you need.

  • Use reusable products

 Rather than buying a water bottle, upcycle an old glass passata bottle, or a glass water bottle.Rather than buying a reusable coffee cup, we can use a glass jar. Make a heat band using elastic bands, or those silicone charity fundraising bracelets. Rather than buying a reusable lunchbox, use a glass jar or tea towel to wrap food, or make a sandwich wrap from fabric if you can sew. Using something that can be used again can be a big way to reduce waste.

  • Eat your food scraps

So much food that we throw away, we can eat. Even if some of them are edible, we just don’t know how to use it. Using scraps that we would usually throw in the bin makes the household budget go much further. Wash potato peelings and toss in a little oil and then bake in the oven for 10 mins or so each side until crispy. They can be an eco-friendly potato chip. You can also find many of food scrap recipes online.

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