Selections of the Busan International Film Festival

Yugyeong Jeong Following the last article on the hosting of the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF), I would like to explain the programs and entries of the festival. The BIFF consists of 11 program sections. Gala Presentation is a section in which the director or actor meets the audience and directly introduces the film. The […]

Department Stores and their Filthy Rich Koreans

Hajon Lee As you’ve maybe heard of, Korea is a place called heaven if you have money in your hands. The reason is mostly because of the comfortable lifestyle and department stores it has. There are various department stores in Korea, but the top three bands are Shinsegae, Hyundai, and Galleria. Shinsegae has the most […]

What is your Color Season?

Soo Yeon Lee Personal color basically means the best color which fits you the most. There are four color seasons- from spring to winter. Your color season determines which color flatters you the most. So, knowing your personal color (which season you are) is a great benefit when you are putting on your makeup or […]

‘Sonsational’ Again!; Heung-Min Son tops EPL Power Rankings

Minjun Son South Korean star and Tottenham Hotspurs forward Heung-Min Son topped Sky Sports Rankings in English Premier League (EPL), which is determined based on variety of indicators including scores, assists and shots on target. He has topped the chart for the second time of this season after scoring twice in the spectacular 6-1 win […]