F/W Fashion Trend in Korea

Hajon Lee

You probably felt that the weather is getting colder which means fall is finally here, but the sad thing is that Korea’s fall now only lasts about 2-3 weeks and then winter is here. You’ve probably experienced and seen the rapid change in fashion trend of styles during fall and winter in Korea. Koreans are very keen on fashion trends, actually trends in general because of social-media and celebrities. Fitting in is also an important factor for children, teenagers, and college students. Let’s look at some of the earlier f/w trends in Korea. About two years ago, the trend was leather jackets. Everyone was seen wearing a black leather jacket in black or blue jeans.

So what made this trend start? It was mostly the k-drama characters that made this product such a hit. Most of the characters would wear a grey hoodie and a leather jacket to match the colors. This led to people following these celebrities or stars and then once you saw the streets everyone looked the same. Last year’s trend as you may be familiar with were fleeces and shearing coats. So how in the world did fleeces get popular all of a sudden. It didn’t even look fashionable back then, just a t-shirt and outside a beige color jacket. So how fleeces get so popular and come to style? It is because it’s very light and warm. When the weather gets chilly, you would just take out your fleece jumpers, especially in outdoor areas where the daily temperature difference is large. Also it is cheaper than high-functional materials such as padding, so it is also excellent in terms of cost-effectiveness. So lastly what about shearing coats? They were originally worn by air-jet flyers back in the old days. They came back due to it being less puffier than padding and also stylish because they are usually short and come to the waist. You can just wear a t-shirt or something not too warm and just wear the shearing coat on and this would keep your body really warm. It also looks very warm because of the lamb fur and also has an image of toughness. What do you think will be the trending fashion style this year?

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