Gangnam Escape Room

Hajon Lee

I will be introducing to you another exciting and safe activity you can do during these abhorrent times. The activity is Escape Room. From living abroad for a long time, I know you wouldn’t be so familiar with such activity; however, I can assure you that it’s worth the time and money. Basically, the escape room is obviously an escape room by solving questions and opening locks. The escape room place I will be introducing to you is where I have been to personally and one of the largest spaces in Gangnam. It’s name is Code-K. It has 14 themes overall with various different levels. You should reserve online as the spots are taken up pretty fast. The cost is usually 20,000 or above and you would get 60-90 minutes to escape depending on the room. It’s located one floor underground, when you enter after paying there are some snacks and drinks prepared for you to eat. Also there are board games provided being that it is about solving puzzles and mysteries. Before you go in, the staff member will explain to you the locks and also when you enter the room you can call the staff and ask for hints. The part you don’t have to worry about is that even if you don’t speak any English, you can still try this activity as mostly everything is numbers or devices.

If this is your first escape room, I highly recommend you try the theme: Robbers. The story line is that you are a quite famous robber and after getting out of the joint you are offered to rob a bank in an hour with inside help from a banker. The level is quite easy compared to the other rooms, so just right for beginners or people with very little experience. The ratio of locks to electronic devices is 3:7 so people who like to move around more than just read problems: this is for you. I will try not to spoil anything when I’m talking about the room. The room setting is very well organized to make it seem as if it were a bank and also the use of electronic devices is well thought out. The key is to read the hints carefully and also reason about the items given. Hope you successfully rob the bank!

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