New Bloggers for 2020 Fall Semester

Hello all :) We are happy to introduce 2 old and 2 new bloggers for 2020 Fall Semester.

Hajon Lee

What up readers! You’re probably familiar with me and my articles. It’s an honor to be back from last year and once again be your Hanyang English Reporter. From my previous article I told you a lot about myself so this time I will just briefly tell you about personality and the life I uphold myself to. My MBTI is ESFJ. I like meeting various kinds of people and have grown up in such an environment living in Europe. I get energy in relationships with others. I do not like conflict and therefore value harmony. Moreover, I react well, to empathize with others well. This is also true for me when it comes to decision-making I prioritize emotion rather than logic. In addition, I am very keen to detail and my focus usually lies more on the details than on how everything connects together. I like to plan out everything and have everything organized, knowing ahead of time is critical for me. I uphold myself to the same scheduled routine or so called plan everyday. It is what makes me feel alive the most. Solidity is an important element to be and diligence without a doubt would be what I appreciate most.

Even though times are hard to go out due to Covid-19, I will be writing articles about places to visit and things to do in Korea. Try to incorporate jokes and fun story-telling so readers won’t get bored. If time allows, I will add in details about the places I went and try to really give you the sense you are there only by reading my article. Hope your semester becomes more pleasant with my articles.

Minjun Son

Greetings, myHUBS Readers!

My name is Minjun Son and I’m your new reporter for myHUBS! As this is my first activity at school after getting discharged from the Korean Navy in July, I’m eagerly anticipated and looking forward to meeting you guys through this blog. I also hope to deliver some fascinating and interesting from all over the world.

To give a short introduction about me, I’m from the beautiful harbour city of Busan and as a primary school kid I lived in Sydney, also a magnificent harbour city in Australia, with my family. I always had a chance to see those beautiful seas and harbours that I took for granted during my childhood. As I grew up, however, the sea became precious to me. When I was struggling, I could rely on it, and when I was anxious, the waves made me feel comfortable.

Passion, enthusiasm and challenging spirit are the words that can describe me. Living abroad in Sydney, even not for a long period, was one of the most memorable times for my life. I could experience how big the world is at a tender age and learn a new language and various cultures from all over the world.

I also am a huge fan of football since I could walk on two feet, especially Cristiano Ronaldo who has been my superstar for a long time. Guess what, before joining the military, I went to Torino, Italy on my own to watch him on the pitch which was one of the top lines on my bucket lists. I’m willing to tell you all the stories soon!

I love trying new things and going to places where I haven’t been to. This is the first time being a reporter so I’m both excited and nervous. Nevertheless, I’ll make my effort to give you entertaining and useful articles. I wish to share my interesting experiences through this blog this semester. Good luck to all readers and ALWAYS take care! See you soon in my first article!

Soon Yeon Lee

Hi everyone. Good to see you again! I am happy to continue writing articles as a HUBS reporter for this semester. Last semester was a pandemic for everyone, and I guess we all got real busy getting used to the new structures and formats of online school systems. I hope the situation gets well soon and we can meet both online and offline!

Talking about myself, I would like to describe myself as a passionate person. I love doing something new, and always think myself, “Why not give it a try?” To be honest, I also feel afraid sometimes, that if I can fail or get a bad result on something that I am not quite confident of. However, that doesn’t really stop me from trying because I am sure that I can DO gain something from that failure. Last semester I started learning yoga again, started working in a new company, and also started learning French. Even though these can make me feel busy and hard to follow, I love the feeling that makes me think that I am certainly doing something to improve myself and make my life wealthier.

Starting from this semester, I am planning to share these new ‘tries’ that I am giving. I would love to share my new hobbies, new things that I have tried or any other helpful information with you. I hope you like it and maybe encourage some of you to try new things that you have never done before! See you in the first article soon!

Yugyeong Jeong

Hi everyone! I am Jeong Yugyeong and a new reporter for fall semester. I went to Spain as an exchange student last year and took a spring semester off. At that time, I started studying Japanese. When studying a foreign language, it was not enough to read textbooks, so I often read articles. As I felt, exchange students or international students studying Korean will search articles about Korea. I want to create an easy and sustainable channel to get to know a lot of information. Working as a reporter would also help me discover and consider things about Korea that I didn’t know in detail. Thank you for reading and hope to see you in the next article!

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