New Bloggers for 2020 Fall Semester

Hello all :) We are happy to introduce 2 old and 2 new bloggers for 2020 Fall Semester. Hajon Lee What up readers! You’re probably familiar with me and my articles. It’s an honor to be back from last year and once again be your Hanyang English Reporter. From my previous article I told you […]

Small Items that Improve the Quality of Life

Yugyeong Jeong From the beginning of this year, every day has changed due to COVID-19. Schools were replaced by online classes, and meetings between people were reduced. I thought it would get better by fall, but it did not subside, perhaps because people are tired of the prolonged situation and their alertness is delayed. Naturally, […]

Seongsu Art Museum: Not your Ordinary Museum

Hajon Lee Seongsu Art Museum’s location is of course in the name: Seongsu station, just around the corner of exit 1. It’s one floor underground so you just need to go down the stairs and there will be a vault door which you can see when you try to rob the bank. This is not […]

Major Styles of Yoga

Lee Sooyeon Recently, I started learning yoga again as the COVID-19 situation got better. Thinking of the first day of yoga, I remember being very surprised myself that there are so many different types of yoga out there. Today I would like to share some of these, The types of yoga differ whether you want […]

Football Industry ‘Under Pressure’ from Corona

Minjun Son The astronomical number game is over. The football industry which has grown with enormous capital power, has also been struck by the pandemic’s pressure. Recently, three stars of Paris Saint Germain, Neymar, Angel Di Maria and Leandro Paredes have contracted the virus after their holiday trip to Ibiza. Also Atletico Madrid head coach […]